All Natural Homemade Hand Soap

DIY Homemade Liquid Hand Soap by A Blissful Nest

As you know I have been on the journey of creating amore chemical free home in the last few years. One of the things I think about it how often we wash our hands and what exactly we are washing them with. Yes it has been about how fresh and clean the soap has smelled but then I thought of the harsh chemicals also in there and it made my stomach turn. I thought making my own natural homemade hand soap might actually be a process. You know. Take too long and then I would just be over making this when we needed it. But I could not believe that it took really about 5 minutes to make. Here is what you will need . . .

DIY Homemade Liquid Hand Soap by A Blissful Nest


DIY Homemade Liquid Hand Soap by A Blissful Nest


  1. Boil your water unless you are using distilled water.
  2. Add Castile soap to container.
  3. Add vitamin e, almond oil and essential oils to container.
  4. Let water cool a bit if you boiled it and add to container.
  5. Put lid back on container and gently tip container back and forth, side to side to mix ingredients.

Some of my favorite EO’s to use are Lavender, Thieves, Purification, Lemon, Peppermint and geranium. Many you can get in the starter kit.

DIY Homemade Liquid Hand Soap by A Blissful Nest

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