The Pencil Pusher

ABN Personalized Pencils 3

Yes, so I think I am fulfilling one of my husband’s life long dreams. Way back in the day when he was in grammar school, Bryan decided he could sell pencils and erasers to his classmates for a little extra cash. Okay guys mind you that he was only 8 years old. Well of course […]

Moms Night Out Ideas Done Right!

Yellow Tail Sangria

Sometimes having a MNO is so important! I was so fortunate to enjoy one this last weekend with Mariah and she has some great moms night out ideas this week. A cute little set up like this and a very special ingredient was the magic sauce as I like to call it was all that […]

Red Balloons For Ryan

Red Balloons For Ryan

Just writing this post I have tears. If you have not heard about my friend JacQui from Baby Boy Bakery’s story then you need to go HERE and read it right now. I am so heart broken for her and her family and could not imagine losing my child in this manner. Now if you’ve […]

{Step 1} Goal Setting for 2014 & Reality


So it has been a rocky start for me this year. Not any one thing in particular but I have been doing a lot of questioning. I thought the best thing to do was start some reflecting and look back at my power sheets from last year (and this video post) and start Lara’s goal […]

Cyber Monday Sale!

Cyber Monday Sale

Who’s ready for some hourly sales today to celebrate Cyber Monday?!? They will be posted on our Facebook page and our Instgram feed. The sale price and how long it is on sale for will be given in the post. Our 20% off coupon is still valid until 12/3 but will not be able to […]

Add A Pinterest Hover Button To Your Images – Blogging Tips

Pinterest Hover Button Tutorial - A Blissful Nest

I have been dying to show y’all how easy it is to add a Pinterest hover button to your images if you are in wordpress, which you all need to be if you aren’t by now! Pinterest hover buttons are when you move your mouse over an image on a page and a little button […]

It’s My Birthday & I Want To Celebrate With You!

Coupon 2

  Whooo!! Another year older and I want to celebrate with you! I have had so much fun building this online shop. It has truly been a labor of love and I think it is paying off with how much you all seem to love it too. With all these new product lines being developed […]

Shiny and New and A Dream Come True!

Logo For Order Screen

I know the title alone cracked you up right? Well, we are! We are all shiny and new today and it is one of my dreams come true to bring a pretty site like this to life. I can say that this really has been a labor of love between Jami and her team from […]

Remember I Love You . . .


This is the title of an email I got about 15 minutes ago from my sweet husband. Because sometimes you just need to be reminded that you are awesome. You are remembered. You are amazing at who you are. Sometimes when life gets crazy we forget about those people in our life. We forget about […]

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