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Decorating With Shells

I have always loved the feel of decorating with shells all around the house. I think it comes from growing up near the ocean and now especially since we live so far from it, I seem to be bringing out my shell collection more. I have come to really miss the beach though when we lived near it I hardly went. Isn’t it strange how you never know how much you love something until it is gone?! My favorite style of home has always been a Hampton style home decked out in blue and white and lots of shells displayed all around. Hmm . . .not too sure I am going to get that here in Texas. So daydream with me a bit . . . Use shells in light fixtures for a coastal feel to a room

{ shell light fixtures }

Mix shells with classic blue and white ginger jars

{ decorating with blue and white }

Group shells together in a basket for a whimsical display on your coffee table

{ place in baskets }

Decorate with a shell mirror for a coastal look

{ shell mirror }

Display succulents in a oversized clam shell for a interesting take on a planter

{ used as a planter }

Fill your bookcase with shells for a eclectic beach look

{ bookcase decor }

Display shells in a printers tray and spell out summer!

{ collected over time and placed in a printers box }

Do you decorate with shells? Where is your favorite spot to put them??

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