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Design Details Uncovered – Glam Gold Office

I’m back with another Design Details Uncovered post where I take a designer room and break down the details on how you can get the look in your own home. Today I want to show you this gorgeous glam gold office. Isn’t it stunning?! That screen really makes the space and I love the subtle touches of mirror and sparkle to make this a truly feminine space. Wether you have a small nook in your bedroom or maybe a dedicated room for your office, I think this can work in either situation. So who is ready for making a space like this in their home??

Get the details to recreate this beautiful glam gold office for your own home. We show you how!


The Design Details:

  • select white pieces of furniture for a light airy look

Especially if you do not get a lot of light in a room, choosing white furniture will really help make it feel bright. The white furniture in this design also makes the gold really stand out. I don’t think you can ever really go wrong with white pieces.

  • choose 1 gold statement piece

You don’t want it to be too over the top, so select 1 big piece in a gold finish. The screen in this room really is a bold statement and sets the tone for the room.

  • cluster mirrors on the wall

This is one of the best ways to add light into a room especially when you place them on a wall opposite a window. Clustering them also is a unusual look for sunburst mirrors and gives this a modern feel. Most of the time people select a large sunburst mirror and this is a really unique look instead.

  • add feminine touches

Add pieces that have a girly touch like pink flowers, a floral calendar and a pretty pillow to make the space have a more feminine touch. Play it up in small accessories!

  • add texture

Add a textured look in a rug, the fabric of the chair and even in the nailheads on the side table. Use jute, linen, and grasscloth to get the effect. It really makes the space feel warmer.

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