Gorgeous Bridal Shower for THE Dylan Lauren!

Have you seen this? If so I am making a post on my blog so I can always reference back to it. Darcy Miller is SO talented and this is one for the books. I LOVE Ralph Lauren and family!! I say family because how could you not adore anything Ralph Lauren?! Rickey (his wife) has so much class and style, the boys are uber smart, and Dylan is stunning and the candy queen. I got her book from a dear friend of mine and while reading it she said she wanted to be the modern day Willy Wonka. You gotta love that! So here are the pictures from her amazing shower and I hope you love them as much as me!!


The gorgeous and original invite designed by Darcy Millar.

The hearts in the frame are made from gumballs. Notice the darling monogram letter lollipops.

Love how they are served on lucite trays of pink jelly beans.

Bubble gum martinis were served. I want the recipe for those!!

What a darling idea for a candy table! I love that their initials are spelled out in a frame of candy trays. So original! And take a look at all the candy jewlery that was created. They are fit for a candy queen!

Even the food was made into jewelry. These are caviar on top of cracker.


Great idea for a sign in book.

Paper in the shape of candies and then placed in a jar! Too cute!

Here is Darcy with Dylan in front of her amazing display. And here is the happy couple.

I don’t know about any of you but I can not WAIT for her wedding coming up. I hear the dress is unbelievable (designed by her daddy!).


*****All photos via Martha Stewart found HERE******************************



  1. ps. I posted this once before, but i don’t think it went through, so fogive me if you get it twice! I posted a story today on my blog. It was inspired by one of your posts, i thought you might be interested in seeing it! 🙂 pop over if you’d like to see 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hello!!
    Your blog is super cute! Do you know where I could find those clear trays they filled with jelly beans for Dylan’s bridal shower?

    Thanks in advance!

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