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{BN Black Book} Modern Hello Kitty Party

Who loves Hello Kitty??! Me!! Recently I teamed up with Kristin of The Hunted Interior for her daughter Chloe’s 3rd birthday. I love Kristin’s modern style and she has a flair for the unexpected that I just adore. I first designed this Hello Kitty invitation and then played up the black and white accents with the bubble gum pink for the rest of the decorations. I love how Kristin added in gold and the chartreuse table the desserts were on was just a fabulous twist.

Hello Kitty Party - The Hunted Interior & A Blissful Nest

Hello Kitty Party - The Hunted Interior & A Blissful Nest

We love how Kristin used gold duck tape to create this eye popping backdrop for her dessert table. Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Cupcakes adorned with pink gumballs and chocolate chips are too cute with little striped straws cut down to size.

Hello Kitty Pies copy

These Hello Kitty pies are just too cute and easy to make. Check out Kristin’s tips on recreating these yummy desserts HERE.Berrie Cones

Heart Balloons

Hello Kitty Party Hat

Drink Dispenser

Popcorn and Cotton Candy

confetti Balloons

Cute heart shaped balloons and confetti balloons are becoming a very popular party trend.

Kristin’s simple DIY from a cardboard lemonade stand from Michaels into this sweete shop with a big bow is just too cute!Hello Kitty Sweet Stand

hello kitty dress

Hello Kitty Party Collage

 Pop over to Kristin’s blog to get more details from this party and to see all her fabulous posts on her gorgeous home! Get your own party started with our invitations and party printable decorations.


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