I Adore Adore Home Magazine!

This is so fabulous that I had to dedicate a Monday post to this e-zine- Adore Home Magazine.  It is no secret how passionate I am about interior design and all things for your home (hence BN’s name!) So why oh why I had not know about this magazine until now just kills me! But this is fabulous and I want you too to go pour over these pages rich of color, fabulous designs, amazing products, and great sources for shopping. You may even see a few people you know in the blog world- Kirsten from 6th Street Design School (her living room is amazing and you can see it in this issue), many products from Kellie Collis of Ada and Darcy (her lamp shades are just TDF!), and Sharnel Dollar from My Life My Loves. So take a quick peak:

So now you are hooked just like me!! Next month Jen Ramos from Made By Girl will be in it! Can’t wait to see what she has to share.

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