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Design Details Uncovered – Bold & Modern Dining Room

We are back with another Design Details Uncovered, where I show you how to get the look of a designer room in your own home. This room makes such a statement and has a very unique mix of modern pieces along with a few rustic items. That is not a easy thing to pull off without it looking mismatched. The designer of this room made it look seamless and it even has a touch of whimsy. That makes this a well designed room and why we picked it this week for our design series. Hope you love it as much as me!

We show you how to get the look of this designer room in this bold & rustic dining room design.


The Design Details:

  • select a bold graphic rug

In this case, the rug makes this room. It is a strong statement piece and it is just the right amount of pattern for this space. Wether it be a bold stripe like this one or a geometric pattern, selecting it in a black and white or even a navy and white pattern will really ground the room.

  • choose a rustic table

This piece of furniture really adds that touch of whimsy to the design. It is unexpected with the modern chairs and bold rug. When looking for this piece you will want to think a farmhouse look.

  • pick chairs in a accent color from the rug

These lattice back/ fretwork chairs are all the rage right now. I LOVE these chairs. They really pull the look of the bold rug up and add the perfect touch of modern flare to the farmhouse table. If the rug was in a navy then these chairs would look amazing in a navy or a white. Whatever chairs you choose, they should be in the focal color of the rug.

  • pop a bright and colorful accent color in accessories

The pop of lilac in the napkins and flowers is such a great way to set the table when the rest of the room is in a monochromatic color palette. Even the turquoise seat cushions on the chairs are the perfect pop of color. I also think the following color accents would be great in here: hot pink/turquoise, yellow/mint or aqua/red.

  • bring the outdoors in

I say this in every design. You have to have plants in a room. They make a room come to life. Adding a tall plant in the corner, placing a small potted plant on the table or even using plants as place settings is a great way to add plants into a dining room.

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