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Design Details Uncovered – A Tailored Modern Entry

Who’s ready for another design details uncovered??!! Today I’ve got beautiful tailored modern entry ideas for you. Many times there are spaces that are awkward and you just don’t know what to do with them. This modern entry could have potentially been a space that fit that bill but with a statement piece of furniture and some gorgeous accessories, this is the perfect spot to walk into from the front door.

We break down the design details of this gorgeous tailored modern entry. Modern entry ideas that every homeowner can do.

{ Brooke Davenport }

The Design Details:

  • sweeping staircase

First off for this design to work, you need to have a staircase that wraps in a way that there is a little nook space created at the bottom of the staircase. Sometimes these spaces look like dead space but when cleverly addressed they can actually be the focal point of the area.

  • focal piece of furniture

A decent size round table that has a decorative bottom or draped in a table cloth with a wide band of color at the bottom will ground this spot and make it less awkward.

  • artwork that pops

Since the other pieces in the space are in neutral shades, a bright and colorful piece of artwork really pops here.

  • a bold print rug

A zebra rug or a neutral patterned rug really help create some texture to the space.

  • meaningful accessories artfully arranged

The entry should speak volumes of who you are as a family; what you like, past times, mini collections, etc. The tall vase adds height to the table and gives more room for books and nick nacks to be displayed below it. The beautiful books in this photo actually make the artwork on the wall pop in the same colors.

Get the look:

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Here is a collection of our favorite design books to decorate your front entry. Enjoy!

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