Parker’s 1st Birthday Party { Pictures are Finally Here!!!}

I had been dying for weeks to show you pictures from this party. And I could have shown you the ones that I took. But I have a crappy camera and I am NO expert on photography so I think I would have ruined your impression of the party that I worked so hard on. Parker is the daughter of one of my closest friends. She is absolutely adorable!

We planned all the decorations around this dress from Kait and Emerson. You have to go there and shop if you have little ones. They are so unique and feature Amy Butler fabrics.

Parker’s colors were Pink and Orange with hints of Teal and a Grass Green. It was a signature party, which means we did everything with a “Parker”, “P”, or a “1” on it.

You may have remembered my tutorial on these wreaths HERE. They took a long time but I think turned out great. We hung them on the front doors to welcome the guests.

Next to great all the guests was the favor table. I made “To Go’ boxes with mini tissue poms on top and stuffed them with personalized hershey kisses. Each kiss had a sticker on the bottom that had a “Parker”, “p”, or “1”. At one end of the table was a basket filled with coordinating M&M’s in Parker’s colors. Also on the table was a round hat box for the guests to write Parker a note. This way she can open it in the future and read all the notes from her loved ones. So sweet!!

The dessert table was kept simple for a traditional DOL table. Usually they are filled with tons of candy, desserts and fruit. Instead we kept it simple with cupcakes 9of course!), rock candy, popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, powdered sugar lemon cookies, assorted fruits and dips for the fruits (caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter). I made little tooth pick flags for dipping the fruits. Of course we had tissue poms hanging from the ceiling and a big poster size picture of Parker hanging behind the table. And of course I had to hang a sign on the front of the table that said Parker’s Sweet Shoppe!!

These are personalized fondant toppers specially made for Parker. You can purchase them HERE from Two Sugar Babies.

I made little bags fro each of the guests to take desserts home that read:

On the side board next to the candy table, Grace decoupaged Parker’s name in letters. I thought they turned out AMAZING!! She is more of a crafter than she knows. We also put a little “tree” next to her name that had the “months of Parker” hanging from it. 12 pictures of Parker through the year were clipped to it and then in between I made tags for the other clips.

Grace is the perfect hostess when throwing a party. She ordered a taco cart and then also had traditional Korean food for all her guests. Along with that she had a full bar with a mini martini bar inside.

We tied matching balloons around the pool gate and hung signs on the posts with Parker’s name. And of course more tissue puffs along the house’s eves.

The cherry blossom tree in their backyard was the perfect place to do another “the months of Parker”. I love doing things like this because in a babies first year you can not imagine how much they grow and change. I thought it would be great to blow them up in black and whites and mount them on black heavy card stock. I just hole punched each end and then hung them from the branches in coordinating ribbons. It was so sweet to see people migrate to the tree to check them out!

Here are a few of Parker eating her cake. She was such a little princess while eating it! My kid last year DESTROYED the cake. Parker was quite careful to not make that much of a mess.

One of the traditions is to dress the baby up in a traditional Korean gown and then layout trinkets for them to choose from. What they choose will indicate what they will be when they grow up. Parker picked a scholar and a painter!! We decorated the back of the fireplace with a Parker banner and more tissue puffs.

I just love the pictures of the Saari family. They are very sweet and dear to me. I love you guys!! Thank you so much for letting me plan such an important day in your lives.

And lastly here is a picture of me and my little one. She was a little tired at this point but did not want to go home!!

************All designs and paper decorations done by Blissful Nest Studio and will be available in the SHOP soon!!********************************


  1. I love it!! Everything was absolutely gorgeous!!! What great inspiration…and the little family was so adorable!! I know they appreciated all of your hard work.

  2. Love love love the wreaths! I'll be sharing you with my readers later this week. 🙂

  3. I am beyond inspired! This is awesome. You have such a fabulous affinity for the small details that really pull together a clean and beautiful look. Kudos on a job exquisitely done!

  4. Wow, you did an absolutely AMAZING job!!! I LOVE all of the details…the candy bar, the paper products….absolutely amazing! You are so talented. 🙂

  5. This is precious! I love everything about it. The pictures in the trees might be my favorite though. Great ideas 🙂

  6. You did a GREAT, GREAT job!!! The pom pom wreaths and favor boxes are absolutely adorable!

  7. This is so lovely! Huge fan of the poms. I also have a daughter named Parker (mine will be 6 this summer). Great finding another little girl Parker out there in the world!

  8. It turned out amazing! I lov everything! My favorite are the little poms ont he favor boxes! Absolutely adorable!

  9. What a fabulous party! All the details are great. LOVE all the pom poms, especially on the boxes and the wreaths, you out did yourself!

  10. amazing!!! really lovely!

    I absolutely LOOOOOVE the poms on top of the take home gifts!!!

    That would be an amazing diy post!

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