The Pencil Pusher

ABN At Work

Yes, so I think I am fulfilling one of my husband’s life long dreams. Way back in the day when he was in grammar school, Bryan decided he could sell pencils and erasers to his classmates for a little extra cash. Okay guys mind you that he was only 8 years old. Well of course he got caught and sent to the principle’s office which is kinda bad because the principle was a close friend of the family. Fast forward to almost 30 years later and what is is wife doing? Pushing pencils. Funny how some things come full circle. Something I thought that was just a fun and cute thing to add to the shop has now become one of our hottest selling items. And I love the custom orders I see pass over our shipping desk.

Personalized Pencils by A Blissful Nest

It makes me so happy to be a small part of your business and help you brand your company. So just call me the pencil pusher lady. I wont mind and I think my husband is secretly happy to see thousands of pencils all over the house.

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