Sneak Peak at Parker’s Party!!

So I have been working non stop trying to get all the “details” done for little Parker’s party. It is in 2 weeks and as you know when planning a party- you can never get too detailed! Here are the wreaths I am making for her mommy’s front doors. (Tutorial soon to follow!) One is in this bright pink and I am half way done with the orange one. They will have a big P and 1 in the center tied with a ribbon. I was also busy making her little tooth pick flags. They are going to be used for the orange and apple slices on the candy table. We are having caramel, chocolate and peanut butter dips for them.

I also have decided it is way easier to plan a dessert buffet if you sketch it out. I am the world’s worst drawer (if that is even a word!) and feel bad for anyone who receives them!! But in the future, I am going to be providing sketches that will be colored and have the paper selections to be used to make the decorations. I think it is always important to show clients some form of a visual when making a presentation. My interior design clients always get a full color, fabric, and paint package before beginning a project.

I really can not wait for this party. Little Parker is going to be so cute in her dresses. YES- I said DRESSES! She has 2!


  1. Oh I love it – the little babe has an "outfit change" …. she's a princess already! Also, I am already loving these wreaths – can't wait for your tutorial….

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see this party! I need to know how to make those wreaths pronto! I am wreath-obsessed 🙂

    p.s. your dessert table sketch looks just like mine 🙂

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