A Sweet Nursery!

This is my most prized project- Lauren’s nursery. I really can not believe she is over a year old now and not my little baby!! I thought I would share with you pictures of her room because it is the first room in my house I have done in its’ entirety just the way I want it to be (meaning my husband indulged me and let me get whatever I wanted!)

It took me soooooo long to commit myself to the colors because I did not want it to be so traditionally girly but hey I am so of course it would have a little of that! So I choose this bedding from Dwell and then the rest of it came together. It is not a baby pink- it has slightly more orange in it. Then I paired it with khaki, black and white; I felt great neutrals so if I want to change the pink and pop another color it wont be hard to do. The chandelier was a gift from the lighting showroom I work with all the time. It is from AF Lighting and I just love the pink pearls with the black iron.

I had the chair made and bought the furniture at a discount place (I didn’t want to spend the money on the Pottery Barn set I had wanted). I purchased the sheer curtains from Ikea and then tied ribbons of black/white and pink/white colors and hot glued them to the folds at the top. I bought her lamp and lamp shade at target and again hot glued ribbon to it and scrap booking pink bows.

The alphabet cards are from Bibbity and I just hole punched holes and strung them on black ribbon.

I had the long shelf made above her changing table and I display pictures of her in black frames and her keepsakes. Above her changing pad I purchased a white decal from Off The Wall Expressions that reads “girl,n: sweetness with attitude”. Of course I am always adding and changing the things I display above her armoire and long shelf but I love the way this room turned out and I love sitting in her chair and reading to her.

These are little nic nacs that sit above her armoire: Piggy Bank from Mud Pie, Glass Canister from Pottery Barn filled with my old blocks, and a dress form from Lulu Mae.

Her new thing is when she wakes up and I first go in there she points at the ABC cards and wants me to sing the alphabet. There is nothing like watching your child enjoy and discover new things! I hope you enjoy the pictures too!


  1. That is adorable!

    I'm diggin' those curtains. Those alphabet cards are super cute too. Makes me wonder if I could find dinosaur themed ones anywhere for the little one. Hmmm…

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow that chandelier is WORKIN' IT! That is a truly awesome childs room. I like your blog and I'm slowly bringing the husband around to my colored world! :o)

    My best, Lynn

  3. Lynn, my husband is STILL coming around on all the things I come up with to do to my house. It just takes us a little patience to hold their hand while we are "coloring up" with the other!! Welcome to my blog!!

  4. Wow!! I just stumbled across your blog – and I'm so impressed with your fabulous nursery! I just love the chandelier – Ok, i'm mildly obsessed with chandeliers in general…but honestly – it looks absolutely FIT for a princess!! Can't wait to read more!

  5. Rebekah,
    Where did you have that long wall shelf made? I can't find an affordable one that long..I really like that it almost reaches out the whole wall!

  6. Hi Jane! My cabinet maker made it for me to the specified size I gave him. Any cabinet maker or finished carpenter can make it for you. You are right- you can not find something like this premade in a store.

  7. wow beautiful room, if my daughter see this, I will have to work a lot to give it to her haha, it's nice because it's not completly pink and have some modern stuff.
    It's nice.
    Thanks for sharing.

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