Taline’s Balloon 2nd Birthday Bash!

Last Sunday was my friend Alex’s daughter’s 2nd birthday. You may remember me mentioning Alex in the past HERE. She is the owner of Enchanted Events and Design. She is such a great party planner and very detailed. I designed a few items for her but she really did not even need me!! Just look at her bunting behind the candy table!!!

This is the food table with an amazing back drop: a collage of Taline over the year (don’t you just love the idea of your child in pictures over the year to share with your friends and family??)

She had an assortment of sandwiches for the little ones cut out into animal shapes- SO CUTE! And of course the amazing ribbon topiaries that she made herself.

The backyard had tons of balloons and of course a little kiddy table with crafts for the little ones to do.
each of the favors were displayed as center pieces on the tables with custom tags from yours truly! Taline LOVES to hug everyone so 1/2 of the tags said “Hugs from Taline” while the other 1/2 said “Thanks fro coming to my party, love Taline”.

Alex made ribbon bows fro the backs of each chair. Tehy turned out so pretty don’t you think?

I made Miss Taline a birthday banner to match the cupcake toppers and favor tags I had made.

And lastly here are the gate signs and front door sign I made.

Okay and before I forget to show you the lady of honor:

Is she not So adorable!! I loved her dress. And here she is playing in her new kitchen set. (and yes there is my little Lauren in purple!)


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