1. Hi Rebekah! Just finished watching both of your videos and am excited to learn more. I am trying to break into the party planning biz myself and have recently started an Etsy store for my handmade invitations and party decor. Thanks for sharing your experience with us 🙂 Off to check out the link to the book you mentioned!

  2. Hi! I would love to hear your “dos and don’ts” of dessert tables. I am in the midst of planning my son’s third birthday. I am doing a nautical theme and I am so excited about it! This was his party last year http://blog.hwtm.com/2012/07/vintage-vespa-scooter-party-ideas/

    And this was his first birthday http://www.thetomkatstudio.com/earthdayparty/

    I love your idea of going to work for someone else who does great work. What advice would you give on approaching them? I am at a point that I would be willing to do an internship if I had to, just so I could get experience. I have a degree in interior design, but have only held a few jobs in the field. I have been a SAHM for so much of my adult life. I just love design (graphics, interiors, styling, etc) and I really want to do something that I love!

    Anyway, thanks again for posting your business advice!


  3. I am so proud of you for cutting back to a 9-5. I have started that as well and I feel like a new woman, a better mom and a better wife Which I think will play a big role in me feeling more fulfilled with my business.

    Thanks for sharing and keep it coming!

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