Decorating Idea For Tall

Wall Niche

Materials Needed:

- Foam Core Boards - Exacto Knife - Duct Tape - Wallpaper - Spray Adhesive - Tape Measure, Pencil, Scissors - Large Sheets of Paper - Command Strips

1. Measure your space 

Use large sheets of paper to create a template of your space. 

2. Tape foam core boards together

Use duct tape to tape the foam core boards together to cover the full surface of the niche

3. Draw arch onto boards

Cut out the curve of the arch onto the foam core boards using an exacto knife.

4. Measure out wallpaper

Lay the sheets of wallpaper out over the foam core boards and cut them to size.

5. Glue wallpaper down

TIP: Wrap wallpaper to the back of boards once the front is dried.

6. Mount board to wall

Using the command strips, mount the finished board to the wall.

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