How to  Step-By-Step

Make A Bed

1. Start with a fitted sheet

Look for Egyptian cotton sheets with a soft silky feel

2. Add a top sheet

Tip: Lay it on the bed upside down so when you fold over the top edge you will see the decorative edge

3. Add a fluffy duvet 

Tip: use a plain white duvet cover or simply layer with another flat sheet over the top

4. Add a 2nd duvet 

Tip: Layer this one folded at the bottom of the bed to make the bedding feel full

5. Layer in a coverlette

Tip: Loosely lay a coverlet across the middle of the bed as another way to make it look full

6. Add euro shams

How many Euros to use: King + Queen: 3 Twin: 1-2

7. Layer in standard pillows

I applied 2 coats since it was a dark door to start with.

8. Use decorative pillows

Use 2-3 pillows for a pop of pattern and color!

9. Drape a throw blanket

More details + sources for this!