Inexpensive Ways Your Home

To Update

1. Update your paint/wallpaper

We used removable wallpaper which is affordable and easily changed out later.

4. Switch out your accessories




3. Reconfigure your room

Tips to Rearrange a Room: - Select a new focal point - Add a rug to ground the furniture - Swap out chairs from another room - Change the direction the furniture is facing

4. Update your light fixtures

Lighting creates a  dramatic effect

5. Mix in a new pattern

Use bold stripes, ikat, and small prints mixed together

6. Update your artwork

Look for pieces in seasonal colors

7. Declutter + reorganize

8. Update with new faux florals + greenery

9. Refresh your linens

Tip: Change them seasonally + add heavier blankets in the winter

10. Update your curbappeal

Change your flowers + plants for the season

Get more details + sources for this!