How To Make Room Spray


Benefits of using   homemade room spray:

1. Natural, Non-Toxic Ingredients

2. No Harmful Chemicals

3. Ecofriendly

4. Can Customize Your Scent

Materials Needed:

- Glass Spray Bottle - Distilled Water - Essential Oils - Almond or Vanilla Extract - Labels

Favorite Scents

- Lemon Oil (25 drops) / Almond Extract (3/4 tsp) - Citrus Fresh Oil (25 drops) / Peppermint Oil (10 drops) - Vanilla Extract (1tbsp) / Lavender Oil (28 drops)

1. Pour into glass 1 cup of distilled water 

2. Add in essential oils

Select your favorite scent mix and add to glass

3. Put top onto glass bottle and shake

Shake the mixture really good to combine ingredients thoroughly.

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