How to Make A Peony Wreath

Simple + Gorgeous

Gather your supplies

Here is what you will need

- Wire Wreath Form - Scissors - Ribbon - Floral Wire - Wire Cutters - Burlap - Faux Cherry Blossoms - Faux Peonies - Faux Roses - Faux Hydrangeas

Step 1: Weave burlap to start edge

Step 2: Wrap burlap around frame 

TIP: Overlap edges so you don't have any gaps

Step 3: Cut the end and secure it

Step 4: Plan out placement of your flowers

This will give you a good idea where you want everything before your start attaching them.

Step 5: Cut floral stems 

Leave 3-4" at the top to adhere them to the frame.

Step 6: Attach your flowers using floral wire


Secure in the back  like this

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