How to Get a Look with Paint

Weathered Wood

Materials Needed

- Sander - 120 grit sandpaper - Paint brush - 3 shades of paint - Clear mixing wax - Clear polyurethane

1. Start by finding a great project piece 

This was a thrifted garage sale find!

2. Sand the table with 120 grit sandpaper

3. Add the first layer of  paint

Use a dry brush technique with the lightest shade paint

As you add layers of paint,  let each one dry completely 

4. Apply the next layers of paint

5. Apply a coat of wax

Add a little paint + water to thin it out so it goes on lightly

Once 1st coat is applied, wait 2 hours to see if you need another coat

5. Seal your piece with polyurethane

See the full tutorial + sources for this!