How to Decorate a  Step-By-Step

Christmas Tree

1. Fluff the branches

Manipulate the branches to fill in the holes and look fuller

2. Add floral + greenery picks

Tip: Add 3 - 5 picks to add color and texture

Tip: Create variance and move in triangles or zig-zag to spread them out.

Another tip is to add your berry picks last!

3. Add ribbons

Tip: Use 2 to 4 different ones for a more unique look

4. Organize ornaments

This helps you see everything you have.

5. Add ornaments by size, color, and pattern

6. Add a tree topper

I like to mix in florals and ornaments to make it look fuller

7. Tree skirt, tree collars, or a basket

Decorate the base of your tree with any of these pieces

More details + sources for this!