Meet Rebekah




I love a well lived home which means kids running around and lots chaos! My home is filled with the love of enjoying and celebrating every day’s joys and time spent with family. Coming from a interior design background, I started the A Blissful Nest blog as a place to share my creative design ideas and and showcase the best on the web in the home decorating field. 


My personal style is definitely influenced by worn objects that are upcycled  and mixed with more modern pieces with a coastal flare. There is something to be said for having a piece from your great grandparents and mixing it with something new. I have a obsession with textiles, shoes and paper. I feel the most important element to a room is the drapes and the most important statement at a party is a fabulous table cloth. They are the perfect accessories! Details are everything and I truly believe your guests notice when you put that extra attention to the things your husband thinks people will never notice. I hope to inspire you to make a truly blissful nest!


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