Sharing simple, creative ideas to maximize space in a small home office that will help achieve productivity while working from home. From office furniture layout to ways to organize all the tools you need to work from home.

With more and more people working from home, including my own family, it is important to have a dedicated space in your home that you can use as a small home office. But I know many people think they don’t even have a small space to turn into a home office. Which is why I thought this was an important topic to cover since we have experienced this in our own home.

My personal small home office was finished last year and you can see the full reveal and read all about the design in my new book. You can also check out my original design plans and see how I planned this space from the beginning. But today I wanted to share a couple of snapshots of it along with my top tips on creating a home office in a small space at home. 

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small home office, wall of grey cabinets, wood desk with upholstered chair, bamboo shades with navy hydrangea fabric drapes
Source List: Desk | Chair | Area Rug | Ottoman | White Chair | Metal Side Table | Wood Bead Chandelier | Hydrangea Drapes | Bamboo Shades | Grey Cabinets | Woven Baskets

Creative Ideas to Maximize Space in a Small Home Office

Generally, most people do not live in large homes with endless spaces to turn into craft rooms, media rooms, or home offices.

That’s why we have to get creative and turn whatever spaces we do have in our home into spaces that work for us and our needs. But that’s where you can easily get stuck. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you have the space to turn into what you need. 

So that’s where I come in. Use my guide below to transition a small area in your home into a small home office that fits everything you need and makes a high functioning space for you.

View of stairway outside a small home office.

Where to put a home office in a small house.

There are actually multiple spaces you can utilize in your home for a small home office. Sometimes it just takes some creativity to see it. 

We had a small room off of our entryway that we transitioned into a small home office for me. It has a small closet that holds a lot of my work stuff. I love that it is close to the kitchen/living room area which is the hub of our home. 

A grey bookcase with grey and white wallpaper in the back behind shelves. A wood bead chandelier showing contrast between the colors.

If you don’t have a space like this in your home, then the easiest room to use is a spare bedroom. You can even have a twin bed in there for when you have guests so it doubles as an office and guest bedroom. We actually have a bedroom in our home so my husband has his own office at home. 

Another great idea is to turn a spot in the living room into a small workspace. You can easily accomplish this by using a desk up against a wall in a corner and hang a mirror above it so it looks more like a console table. You could also place the desk behind the sofa and push a small chair up to it for another option.  

If you have a little extra counter space in your kitchen off to the side, you can create a small command center that acts as an office space when needed. Turn the cabinet up above into storage for paperwork to help organize and tidy up the space. 

Hopefully, this gives you some good ideas of where to put a small home office and gets you to be a little creative with the space you do have.

Tall grey storage cabinets, black beaded chandelier, small home office with a desk up against the wall for space.

How to maximize space in a small home office.

Depending on where your small office space is, there are a few pieces of decor that can help you maximize and organize the space so you can stay organized. It’s all about having a home for everything you need.

I added in these cabinets from Ikea that was affordable and I can easily take them with me if we ever move. These are actually 2 cabinets that I placed together for a larger storage solution. I even hid my printer in one of the bottom cabinets so it is tucked away.

Grey cabinets from Ikea in a small home office. Add wicker baskets to top of cabinets
Source List: Grey Cabinets | Woven Baskets | Wood Bead Chandelier | Hydrangea Drapes | White Chair | Metal Side Table | Grey Tufted Ottoman | Area Rug

If you don’t have space for a larger piece like these, then you can use floating shelves, a small desk height cabinet (think a place to hold files), or a moveable cart that has shelves in it which you can roll to wherever you need it. Also, don’t forget to utilize any closet space in the room that you can organize for all your office materials. 

The best small home office layouts.

So now that you have decided where you are going to put your small home office and what you need to organize it, now it’s time to decide how to layout all the furniture pieces to use.

Wood desk with gold round mirror above. Beige tufted side chair used as a desk chair.
Source List: Desk | Chair | Mirror | Area Rug

Where should a desk be in a small space?

When it is a small space, I like to place a desk up against a wall or windows, but never have my back to a door. If against windows then you have a beautiful view to look at when you are working and get lots of natural light. 

If the desk is placed up against a wall then I like to add a mirror up above it. It bounces more light into the room and makes the space look bigger. 

Using tall cabinets with storage in a small home office.

Where should storage be in a small office space?

Any cabinet/storage pieces in the space are best at arm’s distance from the desk to make it easy to get what you need. If you have a chair on wheels then a farther distance is just fine. 

You will need wall space for any cabinetry you pick so plan on that ahead of time. 

A basket filled with design plans rolled up and tucked in to store them/

Best Small Office Decor Ideas

Now that everything is logistically planned out, there are a few decor ideas for a small home office space that will elevate the look.

How white paint is such a contrast with a wood desk, black and grey accents in a small home office.

Refresh with Paint

Paint is hands down the easiest way to update any space. Go dark with a navy or even a rich green for a dramatic look, or use a neutral for a clean modern look. 

Using paint to set the stage for the tone of the room can make a space look completely different. 

I chose a simple white so these rich dark hydrangea fabric drapes would look more dramatic. They really are the first thing you notice when you come into the room and I love how they frame the windows. 

Round mirror above a wood desk adds light to a small home office space.

Add a Mirror

As I mentioned above, when you have a desk against a wall I typically add a mirror up above it. It can add a modern pop and bounces light back into the room from the windows. essentially making the space look bigger. 

I love affordable mirrors from places like Homegoods, Target, and Hobby Lobby. They have so many options and styles depending on what you are looking for. 

Create Hidden Storage

This is one of my favorite things to do in a small space. Choose an unexpected spot that is underutilized to add in extra storage. This could be a spot in the closet or in a cabinet. 

I chose to convert one side of the closed portion of my cabinet into my printer area. I have paper, pens, staplers, tape, etc in containers all next to the printer so it is all organized and easy to get to. 

Black beaded chandelier makes a statement in this small space.

Add a Show-Stopping Light Fixture

Okay, this is a huge must in my book. It truly elevates any space, not just an office. 

I picked a larger black wood bead chandelier for my small home office space. I love the contrast it creates with the rest of the decor and has a slight boho look to it.

If you don’t have room for a chandelier, then even an eye-catching table lamp would be a great option.

A grey and white patterned rug with a grey tufted ottoman and coffee table books.

Use an Area Rug to Ground The Space

I use an area rug in just about every design I do. It is a great way to add color and pattern to a space. 

You can layer an area rug right on top of wall-to-wall carpet or even on top of a larger area rug. 

Modern white chair with black iron legs in front of a window.

So I hope this gave you some good ideas and inspiration to create a small home office space in your own home and maximize the space you have to create a highly productive spot for you!

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*Photography by Audrie Dollins

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