How To Create A Gallery Wall

Hello friends! Kara here from Lillian Hope Designs. I want to share a few quick tips and tricksĀ on how to create a gallery wall! If you have a large blank wall, then this is the perfect solution for the space. It isn’t hard either with my tips.

How To Create A Gallery Wall
This gallery wall was for my entry way. I wanted to incorporate a place for guest to hang their coats, put their shoes, and rest their purses! I have seen MANY Pinterest posts on how to DIY a gallery wall, and I have tried many of those ways. For me the most unconventional way has proven to be the easiest with all of the gallery walls in my home.

How To Create A Gallery Wall … The Easy Way

STEP 1: Shop for items slowly. It took me a few months to gather all of these items.

STEP 2: Shop garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. I purchased several items at local craft stores, but then also incorporated many of my flea market finds.


How To Create A Gallery Wall

STEP 3: Measure the size you want your gallery wall to be.

STEP 4: Mark that space out on your floor.

How To Create A Gallery Wall

STEP 5: Lay your middle item down in the center of your floor space (mine was the hello sign).

STEP 6: Slowly work your way up, down, left, and right adding in items until your designated space is full.

STEP 7: Now step back and look. Start to move things and change it up until it looks how you want. You do NOT have to use every item you purchased. I ended up not using 8 items I had purchased.

How To Create A Gallery Wall

STEP 8: Next start hanging your items up exactly as you laid them on the ground. Middle item first then work your way around.

STEP 9: I know this sounds silly …. No exact science as so many will tell you to do. Truly this has been the easiest way for me and I have hung many Gallery Walls! So give it a try!

How To Create A Gallery Wall

You can see more gallery wall and entryway ideas, tips, and tricks on my blog! Along with a fabulous set of downloadable prints to help you recreate this gallery wall – HERE!

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