The hit show, Fixer Upper first hit the air in 2014. Now we can’t get enough of the sweet Joanna Gaines and her charming husband Chip! Their style is just amazing, from rustic to vintage, to modern and classic. It is the perfect farmhouse style. Watching the show makes me want to move to Waco just so I can have them renovate a house for little ole’ me. Every time I watch the show I get so much design inspiration!

I wanted to share with you my picks for the 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms – and most of them are kitchen and living room spaces. Those two rooms are the hub of the family home. They are the rooms where people usually gather to enjoy each other’s company and I don’t think you’ll find any better places to gather after seeing these!

Are you ready for some serious home design inspiration? Here are my picks for the 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms!

20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms via A Blissful Nest

20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms:

Shiplap is a tongue-in-groove type board, typically used in barns and sheds…and on Fixer Upper, we learn shiplap makes for gorgeous walls! If you want to get a farmhouse feel shiplap walls will do it!Love this entryway! It's the perfect farmhouse style with repurposed wood accents everywhere. Cote de Texas, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms Cote de Texas }

Another important piece of design knowledge the best Fixer Upper rooms show us is mixing metal and wood is a great way to make a fantastic room. These natural elements come together to create a solid, rich look that fits with almost any style (especially rustic and country styles). Check out those beautiful metal chairs with the antique wooden table. Even with those sleek, dark floors, the room looks cohesive with these strong design elements.
Mixing metals done right in this dining room! Designing on the Side, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms Designing on the Side }

Open spaces are vital in all homes, large or small. Open-concept design is so hot right now, and for good reason– Look how incredibly open these spaces are! This gorgeous dining area, kitchen, and living room are so perfect for entertaining. You could invite over an army of guests!
There's nothing better than a wide open entertaining space - this kitchen and dining room combo looks like one large entertaining area. HGTV The Peach House, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms HGTV The Peach House }

Wow! This is such a spacious bathroom! I love all the light and airy feel to this space. That rug and the gold light fixture keep the room anchored and add a rich, luxurious feel to the room (a quality needed in every bathroom).
This spacious bathroom is light and bright with natural light and stunning blue gray walls. HGTV Bathroom Flips, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms HGTV Bathroom Flips }

I would love to serve all my grandbabies in a kitchen like this when I’m an empty nester. This kitchen has a perfect mix of industrial accent and country sweetness. The floral wallpaper looks unfussy and pretty behind those wood and iron shelves. Love those pendant lights! This family kitchen is exactly where I want to spend all my Sunday mornings with my family. HGTV Bungalow for Empty Nesters, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms HGTV Bungalow for Empty Nesters }

This family-sized house is just amazing. Check out that home office and craft room! The rug adds a bright pop of color, which is exactly what a creative space needs. Don’t miss the green reclaimed wood shelf on the wall too! This is such a fun room!
This craft room and office space is cute and functional - organization is key! HGTV Contemporary Update, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms HGTV Bungalow for Empty Nesters }

Sometimes you need a room to serve several purposes. This room has such a fun and eclectic vibe and it’s ready for reading by the window, working on homework or simply sitting down to gear up before you go outside. The stripe painted floors are too fun and I love the idea of using the half-desks to keep the space functional but open.This multi-purpose room functions as a guest room, office space, and chill zone and it does so without looking like a catch-all. HGTV Cottage Charmer, 20 Best Fixer Upper RoomsHGTV Cottage Charmer }

There’s one universal truth the best Fixer Upper rooms has taught us: Joanna always picks the best light fixtures! Check out this chandelier! It’s so quirky and full of country charm. It looks great with the mix of chairs around a solid farmhouse dining table!
Different wood finishes in this dining room add texture without being too overwhelming, and this dining table can sit up to 8! HGTV Country House in a very Small Town, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms via A Blissful NestHGTV Country House }

Of all the best Fixer Upper rooms, this may be my favorite. I am totally in love with the blue cabinets! They’re so different and exciting. Check out the range hood too! It looks so fantastic and ties together with those great stools at the island. The white walls and subway tiles are the perfect backdrop.
These navy blue kitchen cabinets are the perfect pop of color in this kitchen. HGTV Craftsman Fixer Upper for 2 Fearless Newlyweds, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms HGTV Craftsman Fixer Upper }

That brick-tiled kitchen floor is gorgeous, and I really love the exposed beams! This rustic industrial space has a subtle Southwestern vibe without going overboard. It’s a cozy and welcoming dining room just waiting for the family to gather around the table.This cozy farmhouse kitchen looks just rustic enough without going overboard. Perfect place for breakfast! HGTV Family Home Rescurrected, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms HGTV Family Home Resurrected }

I don’t know if those doors lead somewhere, but they sure are beautiful! The rustic doors flank that gorgeous stone fireplace without overwhelming the open space.This living room feels so spacious and open - and I don't know if those doors lead anywhere but they're gorgeous! HGTV Fixer Upper Show, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms HGTV Fixer Upper }

The metal railings sure bring this house into the 20th century and opens the space up a lot! That’s one great aspect of the best Fixer Upper rooms—they always incorporate the unexpected. This room has such a modern feel, but it’s no way cold or imposing. Despite the black metal the room still feels light and spacious.This living room is the perfect combination of modern design with a cozy at-home feeling. The metal railings are so sleek, while the rest of the decor welcomes you home. HGTV Modern Coastal, 20 Best Fixer Upper RoomsHGTV Modern Coastal }

The vaulted ceiling makes this room appear huge, and that bookshelf is stunning. It looks like a perfect library wall, especially with the bookshelf ladder. The pops of blue stand out along with the beautiful greenery in this room. Check out the scale on the table—such a cool design idea!
Love the pops of blue in this ranch home living room. HGTV Ranch Home Update, 20 Best Fixer Upper RoomsHGTV Ranch Home Update }

I think this cute bookshelf (again with the library ladder) is the best way to use your second story landing! The little pop of exposed brick and iron railing make this feel like a city loft. Landings are normally such wasted space, but in this case, it becomes a beautiful and useful spot.
This upstairs landing does not go to waste in this home. Love this library bookcase concept, and the ladder adds a little bit of farmhouse flair without overtaking the scene. HGTV Texas Sized House, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms HGTV Texas Sized House }

Would you believe me if I said this was actually a tiny house kitchen!? What they did with this house is nothing short of amazing. The open-concept design and high-ceiling help this tiny house feel huge! The color scheme and even the open stair lets in plenty of light. Don’t miss that great pendant light and the fun vintage fridge!This tiny house kitchen is unbelievable! It looks SO spacious, bright, and functional! HGTV Tiny House, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms HGTV Tiny House }

In. LOVE. With that island! Isn’t it stunning?! It looks great with the rest of the cupboards in white and a beautiful, deep farmhouse sink (a common kitchen element in the best Fixer Upper rooms). This farmhouse kitchen looks perfectly authentic, with rich wood cabinets and a gorgeous, functional kitchen island. HGTV Craftsman Remodel, 20 Best Fixer Upper RoomsHGTV Craftsman Remodel }

Look how many people you can seat in this gorgeous dining room! Again, shiplap makes an appearance in this long, lean dining hall. This is a great example of finding pieces that work within a space no matter what shape or size the room. This room feels bigger because your eye is drawn across all those horizontal lines.You can fit SO many people in this dining room! Love this farmhouse inspired buffet dining table. Magnolia Market The Barndominium, 20 Best Fixer Upper RoomsMagnolia Market The Barndominum }

This dining room is so bright and airy. Doesn’t it seem like such a welcoming breakfast nook? The French doors and huge windows give off plenty of light and the shiplap and flooring give this room a three-seasons feel. The herringbone brick floors are perfect and lead right out to the garden! It feels like you’re dining outside in the perfect sidewalk café. What's more welcoming than a bright breakfast nook bathing in natural light? Love the soft, natural look of this room. Magnolia Market The Beanstalk Bungalow, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms Magnolia Market The Beanstalk Bungalow }

I love all the copper accents in this kitchen from the pendant lights to the mixing bowls. The tone compliments the wooden accents and looks fabulous with the soft grey cupboards. Don’t miss that little window seat!The copper and mixed metal accents in this kitchen give it a rustic, industrial vibe, but the cute farmhouse window seating and gorgeous gray cabinet colors bring it all together! Mangolia Market The Carriage House, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms Magnolia Market The Carriage House }

When wallpaper is used, it needs to be a design that will catch your eye. In this room, the wallpaper is my favorite feature. It’s so fun and playful especially with the yellow accents and other black and white elements. There’s nothing imposing or old-fashioned about this room, even with a classic wallpaper design.
This cozy living room makes a statement with bold wallpaper and stunning black, yellow, and neutral colored accents. Magnolia Market The Chicken House, 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms { Magnolia Market The Chicken House }

I hope you liked our picks for the 20 Best Fixer Upper Rooms! I can’t wait for the new season to start. And if you ever get over to Waco, check out Magnolia Market and send us photos so we can see what inspires you the most!

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    1. My husband and I love your show. Abilene Texas was our home for 14 years while my severing in the military. We now live in an old farmhouse in Middletown Virginia. Our 8 aces is home to our two dogs, 4 chickens and 3 horses. We love it here! Our house was built in 1928 and it said there solders camped around our pond during the Civil war. Our house is different we have two front doors, the upstairs bedrooms all connect and there’s no bathroom upstairs. We been fixing up for three years and I really wanted to get the kitchen updated. What suggestions would you give us to get started.

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