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Design Details Uncovered – Coastal Living Room

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I know y’all know how much I love coastal design. I talk about it A LOT. Reminds me of living back home in California since I am far from the beach here in Dallas. Today I am sharing this gorgeous turquoise coastal living room for today’s Design Details uncovered post. I really love doing these posts where I show you a designer room and how to get the look with full shopping resources plus tips and hints on achieving the same aesthetic. Ready to get started??Coastal living room with turquoise accents. Aqua living room design. Get the full details on how to recreate this look on A Blissful Nest. ablissfulnest.com #livingroom #livingroomideas #turquoiselivingroom #livingroomdesign #interiordesign #designtips

Room design by Alexandra Rae Interior Design

The Design Details:

  • select the perfect shade of turquoise

It’s all about the tranquil feel in this room and the accent color for the walls and accessories will set the stage for your room. Choose a blue that has a green tinge to it for the perfect shade.

  • create a cozy conversation space

There is so much seating in this room and thank heavens it is big enough to handle it all. BUT with that said it still feels cozy. If you can’t fit to sofas then have 2 chairs face your sofa on the opposite side and have some moveable poufs on the ends. Adding small benches and poufs will give you that extra space when you need it and you can always keep them in another spot when you don’t.

  • select neutral pieces of furniture

When you use a color like this on the walls and in all these accents then you need to ground it with neutral colors so it is not too overwhelming.

  • add touches of sisal/rattan

I always have a piece in my rooms of sisal/rattan or jute. It adds texture and depth to a design. They especially work here in a coastal room.

  • layer your turquoise color

Layer your main color on the wall and then will drape panels. If they are in the same color hue then it adds some visual depth to a room and is not too much contrast.

Get The Look:


Coastal living room with turquoise accents. Aqua living room design. Get the full details on how to recreate this look on A Blissful Nest. ablissfulnest.com #livingroom #livingroomideas #turquoiselivingroom #livingroomdesign #interiordesign #designtips #coastal #coastallivingroom

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    1. We need the wall color to make this work. Would you please list it? I have one more room to paint and I would like to buy those drapes but only if I have the right combo

    2. We are in the process of building a new home in the Florida panhandle. I have spent a lot of hour searching the right combination to fit our home. I a truly appreciate your work. The living area/ family room is what I was looking for, in fact some of the component we have in our condo, never quite could put it together. Nice work!

    3. Hi, Rebekah!

      Really great post! I love the way you put together the “Get the Look”! Fun to see. Beautiful blog, by the way!

      With love and sunshine from California,


    4. What color shade and company is the paint color? You’ve listed links to purchase but nothing about the paint color. Thank you.

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