I have been working my way over the last year to make our home more chemical free. It is a HUGE undertaking but I think one that is very important to be conscious of. With all the recent articles being published on early puberty in girls due to toxins (amongst other things), having a 6-year-old in the house definitely makes me worry and think more about this. about this. One of the things I changed recently was our dryer sheets. I used to use the traditional ones until I realized those too were full of chemicals. I have been loving using my essential oils over the last few years and thought it was high time that I used them with our laundry too.

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DIY Dryer Sheets by A Blissful Nest

There are just a few simple items and ingredients you need to make these DIY Dryer Sheets:

– cotton cloths (These ones are my favorite!)

air tight jar


– your favorite essentials oil (I like to use lavender, tea tree oil, or thieves)

DIY Dryer Sheets by A Blissful Nest

Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to your jar.

DIY Dryer Sheets by A Blissful Nest
DIY Dryer Sheets by A Blissful Nest

Select your EO and add 8-10 drops to your jar.

DIY Dryer Sheets by A Blissful Nest

Roll up your cotton cloths and add them to the jar. Close your jar and turn it upside down and all around to coat the cloths with your mixture. And you’re done!

DIY Dryer Sheets by A Blissful Nest

How simple was that?! I add 1 to each load in my dryer and when I pull my laundry out it smells fabulous. Just wash your cotton cloth and save to do a new batch when you need more.

DIY Dryer Sheets by A Blissful Nest

I hope you loved this simple tutorial and I have created some laundry room printable FREE tags for you to download and use! Click HERE to download now. Enjoy!

DIY Dryer Sheets by A Blissful Nest

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    1. Thanks for the diy tip. I will give it a try. I want to be more “green” without the elevated cost. I’ll let you know what I think once I give this a try. ‘

      1. Yes, once it has been dried you need to wash with your other loads and redo it. But I have 3 jars of these with 6-8 rolled cloths in them so it lasts me a while. I just make large batches.

      1. I have not had a problem with static but when I have towels I add in a few tennis balls. You could always make these with yarn balls instead of the cloths though.

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