The Best Mojito Sugar Scrub by A Blissful Nest

Sugar scrubs can be expensive to buy in the stores and I was partial to one I had found back home in California but could not find online or here in Texas. So I started researching how to make my own and could not believe how simple it is! One of the main reasons I love sugar scrubs is that they are moisturizing and exfoliating for the skin. Especially in the humid heat here in Texas I need something like this to help my skin. You can use these scrubs on your face, feet and and your body. I decided to add a twist to the classic recipe and make it a mojito sugar scrub after one of my favorite summer time drinks. It definitely smells just as good if not better than the real thing!

The Best Mojito Sugar Scrub by A Blissful Nest

So here is what you need.

The Best Mojito Sugar Scrub by A Blissful Nest



Step 1: Pour sugar into a bowl

The Best Mojito Sugar Scrub by A Blissful Nest

Step 2: Add in fractionated coconut oil and vitamin e oil.

The Best Mojito Sugar Scrub by A Blissful Nest

Step 3: Add 15 drops of lime essential oil and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil.

The Best Mojito Sugar Scrub by A Blissful Nest

Step 4: Mix together and store in a air tight container.

The Best Mojito Sugar Scrub by A Blissful Nest

Step 5: Scrub skin with mixture and wash off with warm water.

The Best Mojito Sugar Scrub by A Blissful Nest

Now you have the most delicious smelling sugar scrub and skin! It is so simple that you will never buy one in the store again! I think this fall I will make a pumpkin spice one so stay tuned for that recipe!!

The Best Mojito Sugar Scrub by A Blissful Nest



Mojito Sugar Scrub by A Blissful Nest

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    1. I literally keep it in this glass bowl with a lid next to my sink in the bathroom. I mix it up before I use it every night. I have not had any troubles with the heat here but it is key to use fractionated oil. It stays as liquid.

  1. This is something I would love to try. How long should you keep it on your skin or do you just stub for a minute or two? Is it good for oily skin? Dry skin?

    1. I actually have oily skin and use it every night. I first wash my face with a face soap and then I put a dollop of ths on my hands and rub onto my face. Really it is just for a minute or two. Then I splash water on my face to rinse off. Your skin will feel amazing afterwards!

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  3. This sugar scrub looks amazing and I can’t wait to make it myself! I love sugar scrubs and I can only imagine how lovely this must smell. Thanks for sharing this recipe! This post will be featured as “Erica’s Favorite Pick” at our Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop Party! {}

  4. It’s crazy. I have all the ingredients at home and never made this before! Looks sooo luxurious in your photos though. Thanks Rebekah! + Thank you so much for linking this up at The Creative Muster, a linky party I’m co-hosting this week. Hope you’ll come visit us again at (e.g. for the ShareIt Sunday linky party)

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  6. This facial scrub looks amazing. I can’t wait to make some myself. I love scrubs and especially ones that smell really good. This scrub will be a perfect pick me up in winter. The scent will transport me to a sunny beach and a pool boy bringing me mojito’s to drink to go along with this delicious sounding sugar scrub.

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