It is over and done with and it was a dream! Lauren looked so cute and I was so pleased with how it all turned out. This was a very different party this year than last as now being a part of the “party world” refines your tastes much like interior design does. I had a true vision for this party that really seemed to come together once I just jumped in. So here are MANY pictures for you to enjoy and I will being doing more posts on this party on the dessert table, DIY tutorials, Lauren’s adorable outfit, and my amazing vendors!!  I just don’t want you to miss ANYTHING!!



Thank you for bearing with me on the many pictures! There were so many to choose from and I will show you more when I do my other posts on this party. But I hope you enjoyed your flight through Lauren’s Butterfly Party and happy birthday to my sweet butterfly!

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    3. Hi!
      Everything looks amazing!

      I Love the yellow striped fabric…. Could you share with me where you got it PLEASE!

      Thanks! 🙂

    4. I am interested in the yellow and white striped party favor boxes? Where did you get those? Great party! I love the colors!

    5. WOW! What an awesome party! I am planning my daughter's 2nd birthday and was looking for butterfly ideas. Your pictures have really helped me get started! Thank you so much for sharing. I too was wondering… where did you find your nets and wings??? Everything I've seen has been pricey. Thanks again for sharing!

    6. Love everything and I may have to steal your party idea for my daughter's second b'day. Everything is gorgeous and so bright and cheerful. Where did you get the wings and butterfly catchers?

    7. Hi SNE,

      It is rock candy. Maybe you could do a boys version with a coordinating color and a game to catch the falling butterflys and throw them out a window and the one who catches the most gets a prize. Good Luck!

    8. Hi Rebekah,
      You just created what I was imagining for my daughter's second birthday (Butterflies, flowers – spring theme). I did sort of a similar dessert table for her first birthday (Mickey, Minne theme) but this is just super "girly" and very cute.Very creative, your daughter is very lucky.
      Had a couple questions if you don't mind,
      What is that in the container labeled "Rock".
      I have some of my daughter's "boy" friends coming, any ideas on how this theme can be tied in so the boys will be interested too?
      Thanks for posting so the rest of us can get more ideas.

    9. I just love your sweets table! I posted a picture of it tonight on my blog 🙂

    10. Wow! Love the vivid color scheme. I've become a new follower. I would love for you to link it up to my party:

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