My Favorite Blue and White Accessories

If you have been around here for a while then you know it is no secret that my favorite color combination is blue and white and I love blue and white accessories in my home. I think it is timeless and such a classic color combination. When ever I can I add it into my products in my shop. I am in the way of thinking that navy is the new black and every room should have something navy in it. Take a look at these gorgeous examples where blue and white seamlessly work in these designs. . .

Popping blue and white on the exterior of a home is so beautiful and gives it a whisical touch!

{via The Pink Pagoda}

Beautiful blue and white accessories add a classic touch to a room.

{via Ralph Lauren}

Gorgeous blue and white vases make this navy wall pop!

{via Verandah House}

Adore the whimsical touch of this blue and white umbrella stand in a entry.

{via Chinoiserie Chic}

Ways to add blue and white accessories to your home via

{via Mark D. Sikes}

So today I have put together my favorite blue and white finds for you so you can add some into your own home!

Blue and White Accessories by A Blissful Nest

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Check out more of how to add blue and white into your home from our Pinterest board!

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  1. I LOVE blue and white as well, I started collecting blue and white dishes in high school and my obsession continues. And you are so right, navy should be the new black! 😉 Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!

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