I think a sunburst mirror has been popular for a few years now and I have been totally crushing on it. Our living room needed something new over the fireplace and I thought why not try to make my own. While it has not gone out of style, there are beginning to be a lot more tutorials online to making your own. I have been scouring the web to find some that were easy enough and not overwhelming for me to follow. I found this one and this one which I followed to make my own DIY Paint Stick Starburst Mirror and it did not take me that long (always a bonus!).

DIY Sunburst Mirror by A Blissful Nest How To Make A Sunburst Mirror:

DIY Sunburst Mirror by A Blissful Nest

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Materials Needed:

DIY Sunburst Mirror by A Blissful Nest


Lay your rings with the smaller one in the inside. Start gluing your shims to the inner and outer ring with the edge lining up with the inside ring.

TIP: shims are angled at one end. Glue the smaller end to the inside ring.

DIY Sunburst Mirror by A Blissful Nest

. . . and go round your circle matching the ends up and give yourself a little room in between them for your next layer.

TIP: for this first layer I laid out my shims in a ring to make sure I liked the spacing first before gluing.

DIY Sunburst Mirror by A Blissful Nest Next, glue your next layer of shims closer together and closer to the inside of your circle to create a fuller look but with them shorter than your first layer. And go round and round doing this method until you are happy with the fullness of your layers.

TIP: try to keep the inside of your circles as flat as possible for gluing your mirror too. This is a little tricky and you will want to go a little out of order when you are gluing your inside layers so the shims lay as flat as you can.

DIY Sunburst Mirror by A Blissful Nest Next, I took my mirror outside and gave it a good spray of polyurethane to seal it. I also like the more golden color it made the shims. This is a completely optional step, I just like the look of the more glossy finish.

DIY Sunburst Mirror by A Blissful Nest Lastly, glue on your mirror circle. I used hot glue and it seemed just fine but I know that some people have used gorilla glue and feel it is more secure. Pile on a top of your favorite books and leave overnight to set. And voila! You are done and have a fabulous mirror! Missed our post debuting my fireplace mantel after the holiday mess? Pop over HERE and get the details.Living Room by A Blissful Nest

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