I thought it would be fun today share how I made the canvas art print from the Ahoy It’s A Boy Baby Shower . It is actually so easy, that you may just want to make 5 (okay just exaggerating a little!).

DIY Beach Art - you will love this easy homemade wall art tutorial!

So here is what you will need:

-A Blank Wrapped Canvas (Mine is from Michaels)

-Paint (I used 3 colors )

– Paint Brush

-Blue Painter’s Tape

-Can of Spray Paint

-Sea Fan (Mine is from Homegoods)

-Thin Craft Wire

First start by measuring out your stripes. Start from the top of the canvas and work down. I made my stripes 3″ wide.

Next tape off your stripes using painter’s tape.

TIP: make sure to tape outside of the 3″ width you need.

This is what it should look like when it is done.

Now the fun part!

(1) I chose to paint turquoise stripes but of course the store did not have the exact color. So I pulled out a paper plate and began mixing and coming up with the perfect shade of turquoise. . . for me!

(2) Once you got your color down, start painting away! I put 2 coats on – waiting in between for drying time.

(3) Your done painting and this is what you have.

(4) Pull the painters tape off before the paint drys.

TIP: Pull tape in towards painted edge rather than away. If there is any bleeding of the paint this will help to pull the wet paint towards where it needs to stay.

 Next take your sea fan outside and spray paint it. Keep the spray nozzle at least 15-18″ away from what you are painting and use a swaying motion with your hand to not over spray particular areas. After applying the first coat wait until it is dry to apply another. I applied 3-4 coats total to make it really a saturated red.

And this is what you will have when you are done.

(1) After your sea fan and canvas print is dry, lay the fan over the top. Use a straight pin and puncture 2 holes on either side of parts of the sea fan that is the thickest.

(2) Thread thin craft wire (from front to back) through the holes to create a loop around the thick part of the branch.

(3)Pull ends to backside of canvas and twist wire ends together.

(4) Use some clear packing tape over the raw end of the twisted wire to secure to canvas.

Repeat the steps above in various areas to firmly secure fan to canvas. And you are done!

To see the full Ahoy It’s A Boy Shower visit our post HERE or visit our SHOP.


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