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DIY Farmhouse Scrabble Tiles

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Hello all you ABN crafters! Jen here again from Sweeten Your Day to share with you another fun craft/home decor project, these DIY farmhouse scrabble tiles! Our family loves to play games so much, it is some of our fondest memories with friends too. So today I am going to show you how to make scrabble-inspired home decor!

Darling DIY Farmhouse Scrabble Tiles!

DIY Farmhouse Scrabble Tiles:


Optional items:

 Step 1: You can use a Cricut, Silhouette machine, or stickers to add your letters and numbers. Mine were cut to 3 1/2″ for the letters (2″ smaller than the block) and 1″ for the numbers.

Step 2: Mark an inch from the top and bottom to center you letters with a pencil

Step 3: Carefully adhere your vinyl on the block centered in the middle and erase any pencil marks that may be showing.

P.S. I put letters on both sides of my blocks so I could get more use and variety out of them!

Step 4: Now here is a fun little trick that I love to do with vinyl as well, making them into stencils, if you want to add a little color and variety. Instead of using the actual heart cut out from your vinyl, I peeled that out and saved the outer scraps. Center the heart on your block, then paint over it.

Let dry a little and peel off your vinyl, Awww!

Step 5: Now take them all outside and give them a couple coats of the clear spray paint to seal and give that glossy finish.

Easy DIY Farmhouse Scrabble Tiles Tutorial

Let them dry and viola! You know have a fun new and simple decoration 🙂

I spelled out our family last name, if you have a longer name – bonus points!

Flip them over to have another decor option.

LOVE this DIY Farmhouse Scrabble Tiles Tutorial!

Thanks for checking out our fun little tutorial and I hope it inspires you to create something new!

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    1. I love this idea, what size wood blocks did you use for your project? I have visions of great Christmas gifts this year.

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    3. As a Scrabble loving family, this craft is perfect! I’d love to add it as an accessory for a game night party or even have guests make their own letter. It also would make a sweet gift!

      1. Hi Heather!

        It looks like Arial or Century. Let me see if I can get that confirmed by Jen.

        1. I am not super sure. Here is the link to the lady that cut them for me, she could tell you or you can even order from her as well…


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