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20 Tips To Organize the Garage Effectively

Who’s ready for tips on how to organize the garage?!! If you are anything like me, you tend to put things in the garage that you don’t want in the house. And then it gets all cluttered up and you can’t find what you’re looking for. Our garage should be a place to park our cars and to store things we do not need inside the house all the time. Some garages are used as a man cave or a place to work on projects. Let us help you get that garage organized so that maybe one (or two) cars can park in there and you’re able to find exactly what you’re looking for!20 Tips To Organize Thhe Garage

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20 Tips to Organize the Garage:

Got lots of balls? Keep them from rolling everywhere with this kind of thing.20 Tips to Organize the Garagevia 100 Things 2 Do }

 A wall panel with slats to hold baskets and bins would come in handy. But I’m more drawn to the beautiful floors and bright pop of color on the wall!20 Tips to Organize the Garage via A Beautiful Mess }

 They thought of nearly everything here! Especially utilizing the space in between the cars.  20 Tips to Organize the Garage via A Bowl Full of Lemons }

Open wall shelving leads the way for lots of tub storage. I Love how streamlined and labeled these tubs and baskets are.
Garage Storage Tubs, 20 Tips to Organize the Garage via A Bowl Full of Lemons }

If you need a workbench in the garage, but lack the space- use a folding workbench so that it is easily put away when not in use.20 Tips to Organize the Garagevia Bench Solutions }

Magnetic strips can be used to hang all the drill bits and other pieces that are magnetic. It sure makes them a lot easier to find.  20 Tips to Organize the Garage via BHG }

Use jars to store your screws and nails, and see how you can keep them off the shelves and workbench. 20 Tips to Organize the Garage via Chez Larsson }

Use pinted pallets along the walls for sports equipment or garden tools.20 Tips to Organize the Garage via Clean & Scentsible }

Exposed studs can be used in creative ways for storage.20 Tips to Organize the Garagevia Designed to Dwell }

When the kids go in, they usually unload all their stuff, backpacks, gym stuff, and shoes. Create a mud room of sorts right by the garage door to keep it from cluttering up your house.20 Tips to Organize the Garage { via East Coast Creative Blog }

 A lot of families leave their shoes at the garage door before they come in. I LOVE these stacking crates for storage. 20 Tips to Organize the Garage via A Blissful Netvia Finding Home Farms }

If your garage is home to the garden tools, create a pegboard for them so they have a designated place.20 Tips to Organize the Garage via Good Housekeeping }

Or you could organize those tools with cut and labeled pieces of PVC pipe.  20 Tips to Organize the Garage via Ashbee Design }

If you are a family that bikes, you definitely need a place to store all the bikes so they don’t fall over. 20 Tips to Organize the Garagevia Good Ideas For You }

Labeled metal planters help store those garden bits or cleaning supplies and keep them off the floor. 20 Tips to Organize the Garage via House to Home }

A tool caddy.. that holds all the tools you’ll ever need and that moves. 20 Tips to Organize the Garage via Mom 4 Real }

Open shelving, especially in the corners is a great way to store things. 20 Tips to Organize the Garage via Shanty 2 Chic }

A pegboard wall with shelves like this one will hold and organize a lot of your tools. I think this one is beautiful! 20 Tips to Organize the Garage via The Creativity Exchange }

Chances are, you have ‘wasted’ space in the garage by way of ceilings. Create a ceiling mounted storage system! 20 Tips to Organize the Garage via A Blissful Nestvia The Family Handyman }

I used to love flipping through the posters that hung like this. I think the men would like this version! 20 Tips to Organize the Garage via Woodsmith eTips }

No matter how you use the garage, for your cars, a workshop, or storage- create a little organization there. I hope these 20 Tips to Organize the Garage helps bring sanity to your life!

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    1. I really liked the idea of open wall shelves, with labels in the cases. My dad wants to reorganize his garage because he is buying mom a new car. I will rent some tools so we can get some shelves mounted on the walls.

    2. Wow, I would have never thought about using pallets to organize storage spaces. I am in need of storing some things while I do an internship in a different state. I should find a unit that can help me organize my things.

    3. I really liked how organized things look on open wall shelves, with labels in tyhe bins. My dad has a mess in his garage, and I want to help him clean it. It would great to have some cabinets installed as well so he can put all his summer things away.

    4. Lots of great ideas! I absolutely love pegboard in the garage, it is so versatile and easy to change up if you don’t like the way you have it set up. We use our garage for most of our storage since our home is lacking, my favourite is our wraparound storage at the top of our garage out of the way. We might have to add some of those over the garage ones too, love that idea. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips!

    5. Thanks for the idea about installing baskets since my garage walls have slats. I think I’ll hire an installation company to build me a garage cabinet so I can utilize the space inside it. This way, I can get a workbench to work with.

    6. Thanks for helping me understand that we might be wasting space when we don’t use the ceilings. With that in mind, I will make sure that we will have storage space up there. It would be really useful since there are times when we can’t park the car in the garage due to the clutter and how small the garage is.

    7. We used to have tools just lying around ever since forever. This summer I saw a pegboard on sale so I finally bought one, put all my tools on it and our garage looks 2x bigger now 🙂 I will definitely try these tips as well, who knows, maybe I will even fit my car in there 🙂

    8. Recently, my brother moved into a new home. It has a wonderful garage, but he wants to make sure that it stays tidy to he can work on his car for fun. I have never thought to use jars to store your screws and nails. I’ll be sure to share this tip with my brother today.

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