Why Carpet Is Your Best Friend

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I have a best friend. He gets along with my husband, helps comfort my child and is friendly with my pets. But I am sure you’ve already guessed who it is! If there is 1 thing I could not live without in this home with all these hardwood floors and tile, it would be my area rugs and carpet in the bedrooms and main living spaces. They are an absolute necessity for me and I think you will agree too. I have partnered with The Carpet and Rug Institute, who is a great resource for knowledge on health benefits and environmental efforts to trends and advice on carpet and rugs, to share why you should have carpets and area rugs in your home. 

5 Reasons to Use Carpet and Rugs:

Use these 5 useful tips on how to use rugs and carpet in your home to create a warm and inviting space. https://ablissfulnest.com/

Reason #1: It softens the look of an area.

When you have hardwood floor it can look very sterile and cold. By adding a area rug, the room instantly has a softer look. I love adding a area rug especially to bedrooms that have wood or tile floors. It grounds the furniture and is nice and soft on your bare feet never mind gives you a gorgeous backdrop to your furniture.

Use these 5 useful tips on how to use rugs and carpet in your home to create a warm and inviting space. https://ablissfulnest.com/

Reason #2: It adds warmth to a room.

Wall to wall carpeting adds warmth to a room that otherwise would feel very . . . well cold. When in a complementary and neutral color to the walls, can be a great backdrop to the showcase the furniture. I honestly prefer carpeting in a bedroom. It is so noice to climb out of bed and have your feet sink into plush carpeting!Use these 5 useful tips on how to use rugs and carpet in your home to create a warm and inviting space. https://ablissfulnest.com/

Reason #3: It frames a seating and conversation area of a space.

Oh this is just so important in my book. As a designer, I think a area rug really pulls the furniture together. If you have a open concept floor plan, like we do in our kitchen and breakfast room, it really helps to divide the space.

Use these 5 useful tips on how to use rugs and carpet in your home to create a warm and inviting space. https://ablissfulnest.com/

Reason #4: It adds personality to a room.

Friends, your personality should resonate in every room of your house and there is no better way to make a statement than with an area rug. If you have been following me for a while then you know my favorite color is blue since I grew up all my life near an ocean. It truly speaks to me, so of course, this gorgeous ikat rug was the perfect piece for me. Use area rugs to pop your favorite color in a room. Trust me, you will love it!Use these 5 useful tips on how to use rugs and carpet in your home to create a warm and inviting space. https://ablissfulnest.com/

Reason #5: Helps reduce trips and falls.

This goes back to reason #2. Bedrooms should feel warm and cozy and when you wake up in the middle of the night to walk to the bathroom, carpeting gives you traction. I don’t know about you but I shuffle my feet when I am half asleep and carpeting definitely helps this little problem of mine. Hardwood can be very slippery and when you have something down you are less likely to make a disastrous fall.

So what do you think? Are you ready to go shop your heart out on some carpeting and area rugs for your home?? We want to hear your “Beauty of Carpet” story below in our comments!



  1. Hey, thanks for sharing such an informative post. I will always recommend carpets for everyone. it does provide comfort and warmth to every room in your house. Thanks again.

  2. There are a ton of benefits to choosing carpets for your home. As the article points out, one of them is definitely safety. After all, if you have young kids then it is much safer for them to fall on carpet then hardwood or stone floor.

  3. I agree with you that it feels really great to climb out of bed and onto soft carpet. My husband and I are thinking about renovating our home, and the main things we would do is switch up the floors and walls. It seems like we’ll have to make sure that we get some great neutral carpets in our bedrooms.

  4. I love the idea of putting carpet into our room. Like you said, our room right now feels pretty cold, especially in the winter! We’ll look at adding some carpet in the designs you mentioned.

  5. Rugs definitely adds value to your room, but choosing the right kind and right color is the most difficult part, which everyone should take care of.

  6. Carpet serves to provide warmth in every room you. also placement can also beautify a room and create atmosphere. In addition, the existence of a carpet can be a protective medium between furniture and floors. furniture such as tables or chairs if rubbing against the floor will eventually leave marks. there is some information about carpet rugs of quality, if you are very happy to use the carpet as your home decor. you can see some beautiful carpet rugs here firmatoele.nl with various motifs.

  7. besides this carpet makes your house look fashionable with a beautiful feel. Carpets or rugs can also protect children while playing on the floor. Of course you do not want to let your child play on a cold wooden floor. By using a carpet, a soft surface can make your child safer while playing. I have some information where you can get the best rugs and carpets with beautiful motifs, in addition to beautiful they also have a soft material. please visit the site firmatoele.nl/en/rugs/kilims to get more information.

  8. I love your tips for using carpet in the home. I agree that having wall-to-wall carpets make a room feel really warm. That’s something our basement needs because it feels so cold down there all of the time. We’ll have to look at what type to get.

  9. Yes, I agree with this that carpet is the best friend as this can increase the personality and style of your home. Carpet gives the warm and cozy feelings. carpeting also insulate your home than the flooring and also reduces the dampening noise levels from children. If you use carpet then also there is no health problem occur, for example there is no such allergy you face. Another benefit of carpeting is it is cost saving and also safety. You can easily clean the carpet than the hard surface flooring.

  10. I used to really love hardwood floors in every room, but lately, I have gotten a little bored with that trend. Like you pointed out, no other style of flooring is as warm and inviting as carpet in the bedroom. My husband and I are redoing the master bedroom this spring, and I have been looking into carpet styles that I think will match our furniture. Your idea for choosing a complimentary, neutral shade is smart. I will have to keep that in mind.

  11. I like that you mentioned how carpet can soften the look of an area. I would also mention it is physically soft as well. It certainly feels more comfortable and warm in the winter where I live. If you have kids it can be a safe option as well.

  12. I prefer carpeting in my bedroom as well, but we still haven’t had any installed yet. As of right now, I still have our old stained carpet laying out. It’ll be nice if I could install new carpet by the end of this week, that way I don’t have to stress about it anymore.

  13. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that wall to wall carpeting adds warmth to a room. My husband and I are going to be remodeling our living room, and I’m trying to decide what kind of flooring I want. I really want the space to have a warm and comfortable feel, so I’ll definitely look into installing carpet. Thanks for the great post!

  14. I love how carpet and rugs can add character and comfort to an area. You can choose a style that adds to your personality. That can ensure that you love the way it looks, and you won’t get so bored of it easily. If you ever do get bored of it, you can just get a different carpet or rug installed!

  15. I agree. I love hard wood floors, but I also love a unusual, nice area rug. It does make the room seem larger to me and warmer. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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