I have always LOVED turquoise Christmas decorations! It is such a peaceful and serene color to look at, especially when you design all day! I usually only choose colors for my home that are neutrals yet blue is the one color I always gravitate too (for example my wedding). Every day all day I am looking at colors and I look at them so much that I can tell you a purple blue from a yellow blue from a red blue! So much so that I drive the people in my office crazy. Anyways, back to the turquoise Christmas decorations!- I just saw these in Southern Living and was hearting them so I had to share. Aren’t they amazing? Makes you just want a BLUE Christmas!

{all photos from Southern Living}

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    1. OOOh, I love them! My accent color at home is, you guessed it, turquoise! So my tree is decorated with Turquoise, Bronze, and Gold…I especially love the beads, they'd look fab. on my tree!

      Thanks for sharing! Stopped by from SITS!

    2. Those are quite gorgeous. I especially love the mirror ball ornaments. I need to get me some of those.

      Stopping by from SITS, as are we all, apparently. 🙂

      Have an Extraordinary Day!

    3. Beautiful! Sadly I was vetoed by the husband when trying to vote this colour for christmas this year. pesky man…

      stopping by from SITS!

    4. I love that color.

      The white tree is a little much for me, but it looks good in the photo.

      Sending you and your family warm wishes, and a very Merry Christmas.

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