Sharing a dreamy lilac and navy girls’ room with lots of ideas on how to decorate a tween girl bedroom that they will love and grow with.

I seriously can’t believe my daughter is officially a tween! I mean where has the time gone?!

She no longer fits into the pink and rainbow-themed rooms I created for her when she was little.

Lauren is becoming a beautiful young lady who loves horses and softball. Her interests have changed and it was time her room grew up with her.

But like everyone else coming up with tween bedroom ideas is not easy. Tweens have a lot more to say about things and they want their opinions heard.

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A navy and lilac tween bedroom

How to plan a tween girls bedroom

The first step in this process was for Lauren and me to sit down and discuss some of the major design elements for her new tween girls’ bedroom.

I wanted to make sure it was a reflection of what she loves and that it was a little oasis for her.

If you are at this point with your tween then here are some great questions to ask them to get started.

Design Questions to Ask Your Tween:

  • What are your favorite colors? Try for a more sophisticated color combo.
  • What are some things she loves? Does she love soccer or horses?
  • Does she want a particular theme?
  • Does she need a place to study?
  • Does she need additional storage?
  • What to her is the most important thing to add to her room?

Once you have these details settled then start looking for some inspirational photos on Google and Pinterest.

This will help spark your creative juices and help you visualize the direction you are trying to go in.

Lilac colored walls and blue and white flowers on the wall above the bed

Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas + A Guide To Follow

1. Select a headboard they can grow with

Picking a headboard that is transitional with the phases your tween will go through is important.

A neutral color like a cream, gray, or natural woven headboard will go with just about any design choice.

I love the idea of sprucing it up with the other bedding elements to make it feel crisp and grounding for the design.

White spindle nightstand with navy blue table lamp

2. Choose a color scheme that is fun and fresh but not young feeling

Guiding your tween into a more sophisticated color palette for their room design is important to make sure their room doesn’t turn out too young looking.

Source List: White Vase | Mirror | Navy Table Lamp

Your tween may be already thinking of a more grown-up look so here are some of my favorite color combos you can go over with them to help in the decision-making process.

  • Lilac and Navy
  • Hot Pink and Black/White
  • Purple and Yellow
  • Turquoise Blue and White
  • Navy and White
  • Hot Pink and Turquoise

3. Select a statement chandelier

Lighting is the jewelry of a room. It really is the sparkle to the space.

This also is a great way to show off your teen’s style. If they are really girly then maybe they would like a chandelier or if they are more sports-oriented then something a bit more modern might look great.

But picking a fabulous light will really set the mood for the room.

4. Create a focal point

Generally creating a focal point and feature wall is done on the wall the bed is on. This is the main wall in the bedroom that is first seen and usually faces the door.

On this primary wall add something fun and whimsical that catches the eye. This could be fun artwork, a canopy, or even a beautiful mirror.

Lilac purple bedding with a navy and white check print pillow.

Source List: Wall Flowers | Sequins Canopy (similar) | Upholstered Headboard (similar) | White Ruffle Comforter Set | Grey Velvet Pillows | Blue and White Gingham Pillow | Lilac Quilt (same in white)

5. Choose cozy bedding pieces

Every bedroom needs a fluffy cozy bed! Adding layers of throw pillows, blankets, and comforters makes a comfortable and snug spot for your tween.

This is the best place to add color and patterns and to tie your color scheme together. I love to pick a quilt or coverlet in one color and then select a comforter set that has a pattern or is in the other color.

Grey velvet pillow details mixed with a navy and white check pillow.

6. Add storage solutions

I bet your tween has a lot of stuff because I know mine does! It is easy for their room to look cluttered.

Generally, most people have cluttered spaces because they don’t have any organizational systems in place. Having a spot for things is life-changing and starting your tween with a good organization system is key.

Gold bookcase next to a study space in a tween room

Having extra storage for them like a bookcase, baskets, and organizers that tuck under their bed will make cleaning their room up and keeping it clean a breeze.

7. Incorporate seating options

Creating seating options other than the bed is so important. It makes a room much more functional for all activities a tween has.

Think of a place to study, a spot to read, comfy spots for them and their friends to hang out, and more!

Blue and white checkered rattan chair in a tween bedroom for a desk chair

Hanging chairs are a huge trend in a teen room and they also take up less space than a more traditional chair. Plus they are fun!

I used a cute little bean bag in Lauren’s room and then also added a cozy velvet bench at the end of her bed. She loves plopping into her bean bag and reading her book.

Source List: White Dresser | Mirror | Unicorn Pouf | Navy Bench | Blue and White Rug

8. Create a study space

Now to me creating a place to study is high on my list when designing a tween room. They need a spot they can spread their things out and really concentrate.

Lauren does a lot of her homework at the kitchen counter but she also loves to come in her room when she wants a more quiet space to study.

Study space in a tween bedroom

Source List: White Desk | Blue and White Chair (similar) | Nailhead Bulletin Board (similar) | Gold Table Lamp (similar) | Gold Bookcase

I added a bulletin board above her desk for her to pin tasks and inspiration photos to. I love to give options for a tween to have a creative outlet like this.

If the room doesn’t permit a desk and chair option like this, consider turning the nightstand area next to the bed into a small desk with a small chair or bench tucked under.

9. Add pieces that reflect their interests

Adding personal interest pieces to a tween’s room makes it feel like their own to them. Adding pictures, knick-knacks, and other decor that mirrors what they love to do really adds a splash to the space.

My daughter loves horses and softball so I collected horse figurines, vintage horse books, grouped her softballs in glass containers, etc. all over her room.

These are also beautiful keepsakes for when she is older.

Childrens sleep masks in a mercury glass bowl

Hope these tips and ideas on how to decorate your tween girls’ bedroom are helpful and make it a smooth and simple process!

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