Command hooks are becoming increasingly popular because you can stick them anywhere and easily remove them without damaging the wall or having to break out the drill.  It takes away the pain of putting holes in your wall, only to find out that you need to fill that hole because it’s in the wrong spot or you’re moving.

They go on smoothly, come in many different sizes (and colors too!) and they can even hold up some hefty stuff.

You can easily change things up and use them for holiday hangings where you would not want to see a nail here and there. And as far as organization goes, you can find that these hooks can help you with that as well.

The best thing I can really tell you about these adhesive hooks is that fact that can fit just about any budget in mind.

Get ready to see what you can do with these 15 things to do with command hooks in your home!

It may change your mind how you organize, or even how you see things in general when it comes to hanging decor. Hopefully it gives you some inspiration to get on with those projects that you’ve left behind or have in mind.


Upgrade your kitchen organization with something as fun as this door organizer idea!

Command hooks are used to line up and hang up all those kitchen tools and have them right at arm’s length. You can always move any of these things around and get it to the exact spot you want them in.

I really love the way this project turned out, with the use of old bi-fold doors and the pop of yellow. You could change the colors out so easily for each season!

I love the pops of yellow, especially in a kitchen! CRAFT, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home { C.R.A.F.T. }

You should see the different ways that C.R.A.F.T. uses a variety of Command products!

They are great for gallery walls in any room, and it makes it so easy to change out the wall hangings.

Even the command strips would work wonderfully for hanging all these unique photos and artwork. Not everything needs a hook.

Dreaming of a gallery wall of your own? Use Command products for the perfect look. CRAFT, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home{ C.R.A.F.T. }

Two Command hooks on the cabinet door under the kitchen sink can hang on to all those plastic bags from the grocery store!

They allow you to grab one really quick and keep them from taking up so much space elsewhere.

I usually just take one bag and stuff it with all the others and shove it in the back of the cabinet… this tip sounds so much better!

One day, we will not have all those plastic bags, but until then.. Kelly Elko, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home{ Kelly Elko }

No need to drill unnecessary holes! Use heavy duty adhesive hooks as a hanging option.

If you really think about it, you can use these hooks to organize in pretty much every single room you have in your house.

Get all those jackets and bags and yoga mats off the ground and into its proper spot.

I love when I can get everything put away in it's spot. Four Generations One Roof, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home{ Four Generations One Roof }

I love how this post says that concealing cords completely only happens in magazines. I think you can do it as well!

Say goodbye to all the dangling cords behind the table! Hiding lamp cords is easy to do with command hooks.

All you need is a few hooks to run that lamp cord along the back line of a table all the way to the plug.

  It's amazing how you can conceal those lamp cords. Hi Sugarplum, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home{ Hi Sugarplum }

Ever wonder how you can hang décor on your furniture without ruining your piece?

Command adhesives stick well to furniture without damaging them.

They are great for stockings and wreaths. Spring and summer type of wreaths can brighten up any entry or room where you like to hang your Christmas ones.

Command products are great to use on furniture. Hi Sugarplum, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home{ Hi Sugarplum }

Decorating for the holidays is hectic enough without the stress or worry of HOW you’ll hang something up!

Think command hooks for just about anything you want to display for the specific holiday, like all the beautiful garlands hung on a doorway or mantel.

Hang those garlands and not worry about HOW! Home Stories From A to Z, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home{ Home Stories from A to Z }

Bring all those gorgeous Spring and Summer flowers indoors with a simple hanging mason jar project like this.

Since flowers don’t really grow in the winter or fall, you can use command hooks to hang these up for half the year and then take them off the window frame for the other half!

Isn’t this idea just darling and so refreshing!?

Bring fresh flowers indoors by hanging mason jars in front of the window! It All Started With Paint, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home via A Blissful Nest{ It All Started With Paint }

Do you love growing your own herbs in your kitchen but you don’t really have the room for all the little pots on the window sill or counter top?

Hang those pots with some command hooks right there by the kitchen window and you have your fresh herbs in a great spot to grow.

If you don’t have any right now, what are you waiting for!?

I adore these hanging herb pots hung with hooks. Julie Blanner, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home { Julie Blanner }

Sometimes you can’t find the right pot lid that you’re needing when you are cooking. Sometimes it just goes hiding, crammed in the back of the pots and pans drawer.

Two command hooks takes care of each lid by putting them on the inside of the cabinet door.

Now it is easy to grab the lid you need right away.

Don't lose all those lids to your pots and pans! Instructables, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home via A Blissful Nest{ Insructables }

Your fridge can only handle so many magnets and amazing drawings that your kids do. But check out this idea!

Command hooks and rods, along with hanging clips are the perfect solution for all those pictures the kids give you.

I love this idea because most magnets can only hang onto one or two at a time.

Hang rows of your kids' artwork with just two hooks and a rod. Pinterest Inspiration, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home { Pinterest Inspiration }

Pull your cooking cabinet together by using hooks for your cutting boards, measuring cups, and anything you might hang inside them.

Command products can keep everything nice and clean, without nails running through the doors or seeing holes after changing your mind about where exactly a certain item should go.

Do all the things you dream of doing when it comes to organizing the kitchen with Command. The Creativity Exchange, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home { The Creativity Exchange }

When you work on your crafts, hobby, or even business, you want everything to have its own place. Command can help you with that.

Hang up essential items you need in a hurry using command hooks on the door and free up space in the cabinet.

It just makes more sense when you know where it all is rather than frantically searching everywhere for that something you’re needing.

Get your craft space organized with the small Command hooks. The Creativity Exchange, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home{ The Creativity Exchange }

Talk about very renter friendly!

Who knew you could actually hang curtain rods with Command Hooks!?

If your rental contract says no holes, it leaves you wondering how you’re going to add privacy to your windows. But these hooks really do the job.

Hang those curtain rods with some Command hooks! The Happier Homemaker, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home{ The Happier Homemaker }

If you’ve got a glass paned door or you want to hang something temporarily, command hooks does the job well. 

Seasons go by and some people only hang door décor for a few weeks. You don’t want unsightly holes staring in the face of your guests once those are put away.

Hang those seasonal wreaths with these hooks. The LilyPad Cottage, 15 Things to do with Command Hooks in your Home{ The LilyPad Cottage }

Are you thinking, “Who knew there were so many different ways to use these Command products!?”

I know I was when I discovered the many ideas that I could with these.

Get to organizing, decorating, and enjoying all those spaces even more with all this inspiration right there at your fingertips.



Look no further for the BEST ideas to use command hooks in your home! #ABlissfulNest #organization

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    1. So many amazing ideas I’d never even thought of! We’re turning our old airing cupboard into an actual cupboard, and love the idea of using the hooks on the back of the door.
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