By now you likely know how much I love getting new throw pillows and mixing them in with other colors and patterns in my home.

Summer throw pillows are always some of my favorites because you can mix and match so many florals, textures, stripes, and colors!

I found a mix of throw pillows and throw pillow covers – which really do make so much sense for seasonal pillows – to add to your home this summer!

Here are some of the most beautiful and fun summer throw pillows this season!

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Beautiful Summer Throw Pillows

1.Chambray Woven Throw Pillow: the prettiest shade of blue and a classic throw for this and every summer to come! Plus, it’ll match florals, stripes, etc. perfectly!

2. Blue Royal Poppy Printed Throw Pillow: how fun is this throw?! I would guarantee you don’t have something like this already in your lineup, so add it to your couch this summer for the most beautiful and colorful addition to your home!

3. Blue, Navy + White Embroidered Striped Throw Pillow: I love this throw and the fun shades of blue incorporated! Plus the embroidered touch is so pretty.

4. Neutral Striped Throw Pillow: I love mixing in neutral stripes with other patterns, florals especially, and even more so in a summer throw pillow lineup!

5. Green and Ivory Floral Linen Throw Pillow: sign me up for anything linen in the summer! This print is so stunning and you can’t beat that pretty green floral look for summer.

6. Blue Textured Floral Throw Pillow: I love the floral texture to this throw – it adds so much pop to your living room!

7. White Textured Stripe Throw Pillow: this one is meant for outdoors and I love the simplicity of it!

8. Embroidered Floral Throw Pillow: this is SO pretty and perfect for summer! I love the color and the embroidery is stunning.

9. Navy Striped Pillow Cover: I have a vision of how beautiful this would look with a navy floral throw pillow and a white solid pillow for summer… dreamy!

10. Green Floral Throw Pillow: this is such a fun, statement making throw to add into the mix! I love the bold color and how bright it is for summer!

11. Blue Floral Block Printed Throw Pillow: this one is a bit more elegant which is perfect for a formal sitting area, but would be just as pretty in your living room or bedroom too!

12. Blue Embroidered Textured Throw Pillow: the best part about this throw is you can mix and match it with other colors or by itself – it’s so pretty!

13. Blue Scattered Floral Throw Pillow: I’ll probably end up saying this a few times, but this really might be my favorite pillow of the bunch! I love the blue floral print and how dainty it is. It’d be so pretty on your bed this summer too!

14. Tan Floral Striped Throw Pillow: another super fun and different throw for the summer! I love the subtle floral print that you see up close… So pretty and dainty!

15. Green Floral Throw Pillow: this is another super fun pillow to add into your mix – this one will pair so well with stripes and solids!

16. Tan Linen Floral Throw Pillow: I love this print – it’s so different! The neutral look is perfect to mix and match it with other throws this summer too.

17. Tan Coral Embroidered Throw Pillow: this one screams summer and would be so fun for indoors or outdoors this season!

18. Blue Floral Striped Throw Pillow: floral stripes – how fun is that?!

19. Blue Rose Floral Throw Pillow: I’m so glad this pillow is back again this season because it’s SO pretty and perfect for summer! That floral print is the most beautiful one, ever!

20. Neutral Woven Throw Pillow: my favorite part about this throw is that you can use it indoors or out this season – or both! It’s so neutral and just screams “summer”!

I hope these beautiful summer throw pillows are the perfect finishing touch you need to your summer home decor this season!

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