Have you started thinking about how you’ll decorate your porch/patio space(s) for the spring and summer yet? It’s all that’s on my mind because I’m just so excited for this time of year!

No matter how you’re going to decorate this year, and whether you already have your outdoor setup or are looking to revamp it, one way to add lots of texture, color, and life to your space is with plants and of course beautiful garden planters too.

Whether you add in faux plants to your outdoor living space or real plants, or a mix of both, these beautiful and affordable garden planters are must-adds to your decor!

I rounded up all of my favorite garden planters I’ve been seeing lately and have found tons of styles so there’s something here for everyone. Just scroll down to see all of the most beautiful, affordable garden planters!

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Beautiful and Affordable Garden Planters

This neutral gray terra cotta garden planter is so perfect for your garden! #ABlissfulNest

1. Neutral Gray Terra Cotta Planter: out of all of these beautiful garden planters, this one might be my top pick! It’s so neutral and simple but has a lot of character and texture to it. I love the idea of stacking a few of these for different plants in your garden! They are so pretty and under $100.

These dotted ceramic planters come in a set and are so fun! #ABlissfulNest

2. Dotted Ceramic Planter: this planter comes in two sizes and the best part is they come together! They are so fun and the perfect modern designed planters for your flowers and greenery.

This ceramic and metal planter is such a fun find for your outdoor space! #ABlissfulNest

3. Ivory Ceramic and Metal Stand Planter: this mixed ceramic and metal planter is neutral, would look beautiful with some colorful flowers in it and it’s under $40!

These artisan terra cotta planters are so beautiful for your outdoor living space this summer! #ABlissfulNest

4. Artisan Terra Cotta Planter: this is part of an entire collection which is great if you want to mix-and-match your planters on your patio! This specific one is under $60 and has such a beautiful look to it. I love that it’s distressed but not overly done so it still has a neutral, modern feel to it.

This beige stoneware planter is such a fun find for your indoor or outdoor plants! #ABlissfulNest

5. Beige Stoneware Planter: this stoneware planter is such a fun piece to add to your indoor or outdoor decor this year! It comes in two sizes and it’s super neutral so it matches just about every color palette.

This white striped ceramic planter comes in a few sizes and is perfect for your patio! #ABlissfulNest

6. White Striped Ceramic Planter: this cute ceramic planter comes in a bunch of sizes and you will not believe how affordable it is! I love how neutral it is but the painted stripes add just a little something to a simplistic white planter.

This modern planter is such a fun find for your plants! #ABlissfulNest

7. Modern White Cylinder Planter: this might be my favorite planter of the bunch! It is so simple but so pretty to display your favorite plants in.

This galvanized metal planter is such a fun piece of outdoor decor! #ABlissfulNest

8. Galvanized Metal Column Planter: how different is this galvanized metal planter?! I love it! Such a fun statement piece for your porch or patio.

These seagrass woven planters are so pretty! #ABlissfulNest

9. Seagrass Woven Planter: these come in a few sizes and are under $30 – they’re perfect for indoors or outdoors and they double as a basket too! So fun and perfect for all sorts of plants this year.

These concrete planters are so perfect for your outdoor living space! #ABlissfulNest

10. Concrete Fluted Planter: these planters come in SO many sizes and are perfect for bigger plants or flowers. I think they’d be so pretty in a garden or your front/back yard!

These white ceramic planters are so simplistic! #ABlissfulNest

11. Modern White Ceramic Planter: I love how these look together but they’d also look really pretty split up around your home/patio! They’re so simple but perfect if you’re looking for a new planter or two.

This rattan basket style planter is perfect for your patio this summer! #ABlissfulNest

12. Rattan Planter: this garden planter has a basket-look to it which is so homey and natural! It comes in three sizes and I think it’d be perfect for a small palm plant or some pretty white flowers.

These navy and white painted ceramic planters are so pretty! #ABlissfulNest

13. Patterned Ceramic Planter: these navy and white hand-painted printed planters are SO fun! They would look so, so good with some big white flowers planted.

This sand glazed stoneware planter is perfect for a smaller outdoor plant! #ABlissfulNest
These modern geometric planters are so fun and something so different! #ABlissfulNest

14. Sand Glazed Stoneware Planter: I love this outdoor planter and it also comes in white and black! The shape is so cool and something so different. It’s perfect for a smaller plant and it is only $20!

15. Geometric Ceramic Planter: these come in a few sizes and I thought the colors were just so fun! They’re super modern and make such a statement.

These terra cotta planters have the most fun scallop edge detailing and they are under $50 each! #ABlissfulNest

16. Terra Cotta Scallop Edge Planters: these beautiful terra cotta planters come in three sizes and would look so pretty all together or on their own! The scallop edge is such a fun touch and each one is under $50.

These elegant planters come in a bunch of shapes and sizes and will elevate your porch or patio instantly! #ABlissfulNest

17. Handcrafted Planter: these also come in a bunch of sizes and would look so pretty on your porch or a patio area! The different shapes mixed together will display your flowers and plants so beautifully.

This white iron and gold brass planter is under $50! #ABlissfulNest

18. White Iron and Gold Brass Planter: how beautiful is this planter?! I love the style and the hint of gold – it’s such a fun piece and it’s under $50!

We hope these beautiful and affordable garden planters help you to add to your outdoor living space this spring and summer!

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