These outdoor bar ideas will help you enjoy your beautiful outdoors from the comfort of your own backyard. Make the most out of those warm summer evenings by installing one in your space this year.

Ah, summer evenings. If lightning bugs and crickets are magical for kids, evening BBQs and relaxing outside in the warm summer air is magical for adults. Enjoy your backyard to the fullest by installing an outdoor patio bar so you’ll be able to relax, prepare cocktails and enjoy life all in one space.

If you enjoy entertaining, then cookouts and summer evenings outside are a must. The laid-back feel of hosting guests makes everyone immediately comfortable and creates an environment for laughter, story-telling, and memories that will last a lifetime. 


Minimalist Outdoor Bar Ideas

Minimalist outdoor bars can be perfect both for people who just want to dedicate a small space to an outdoor bar area as well as individuals who have a tighter budget and can’t afford to create elaborate outdoor spaces. 

Minimalist bars can be beautiful, functional and affordable. Here are 5 minimalist outdoor kitchen bar ideas you’ll want for yourself.

1. Potting Bench | Hayneedle 

Using a potting bench is a clever wallet-friendly outdoor bar idea! Potting benches are super versatile, eye-catching, and have a ton of storage and workspace. For anyone short on space or short on funds, a potting bench is an excellent way to create an outdoor bar.

a potting bench turned into an outdoor bar
Via Hayneedle

2. Refrigerated Doors | Country Living 

You really don’t need some large sophisticated outdoor kitchen setup to enjoy entertaining in your backyard. All you really need to create a stylish and functional outdoor kitchen bar is a couple of stacked refrigerated doors to hold drinks and other refreshments…and a grill to make the magic happen.

outdoor kitchen bar built with brick and stainless steel drawers and grill
Via Country Living

3. Under the Stairs | Domino 

Make use of that often-wasted space under the stairs by adding a table and chairs, a wood-burning oven and a couple of mini-refrigerators. Everything you could need in one area of the home that’s often overlooked. 

outdoor patio bar built underneath outdoor stairs
Via Domino

4. Keep it Temporary | Better Homes and Gardens 

No one ever said that outdoor bars need to be permanent fixtures. Create a temporary outdoor kitchen bar when you have guests coming over by using rolling bar carts. Additional benefits of using carts include the ability to move to where they’re needed, plus removable trays allow for having multiple small bars throughout a large group of people.

Turn a bar cart into an outdoor bar
Via Better Homes & Gardens

5. Repurpose a Dining Table | Hayneedle 

Short on space? Repurpose your dining table into an outdoor bar. It’s easy to do! Just fill it up with food and drinks and use it as a combined buffet and bar.

dining table turned into an outdoor bars
Via Hayneedle

Adjoined Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas

An indoor/outdoor set up may be a better fit for some houses. Whether it’s space or finances or simply that you live in a climate that enables a blend of indoor/outdoor living, consider these outdoor bar ideas.

1. Extra-Large Window | House Beautiful 

Extend the counter from the inside kitchen out through the window. Passing food outside will suddenly be so much faster.

extra large window for indoor outdoor kitchen bar
Via House Beautiful

2. Sliding Window Access | Architecture Art Designs

All it takes is a beautiful window that slides over to the side to create that open yet connected feel for an indoor/outdoor bar.

sliding windows create an outdoor bar area
Via Architecture Art Designs

3. Rustic and Inviting | Houzz

Simplistic and at the same time rustic and chic in its design. This indoor/outdoor kitchen bar has a window that pulls into the kitchen, opening up the beautiful countertops and making passing food to the outside very easy to do.

Kitchen with large window and an outdoor bar with seating outside
Via Houzz

4. Condo Outdoor Bar | Architecture Art Designs

This is a perfect example of how even people who live in small spaces or have small outdoor spaces can still utilize a beautiful and functional outdoor bar.

Narrow patio with open window and countertop serving as a bar
Via Architecture Art Designs

Full Service Outdoor Patio Bar Ideas

These are the outdoor kitchen bars that people drool over and dream about. These are the outdoor bars that maximize outdoor living. Even if you don’t implement an entire setup, you can find elements that you can use to complete your own outdoor bar.

1. Classic Elegance | The Spruce

Who says you can’t enjoy outdoor living and elegance at the same time? This outdoor kitchen bar area, with 3 sets of large double doors is elegant in its simplicity and affords the opportunity to truly open up the rest of the house.

outdoor kitchen bar built into a wall with a large dining table and sofa
Via The Spruce

2. Enjoy the View | Domino

With a backyard view like this one and a dream covered outdoor bar complete with everything, who wouldn’t enjoy this peaceful atmosphere? I love the ample workspace and clean, uncluttered finishes.

serene outdoor bar with a view
Via Domino

3. Outdoor Kitchen | House Beautiful

Stained oak, marble counters, an island, stainless steel appliances…who needs an indoor kitchen when you have a covered outdoor kitchen bar like this one? This is the ultimate entertaining outdoor area, perfect for climates that enable outdoor living.

stained oak and marble outdoor kitchen bar
Via House Beautiful

4. Cozy Comfort | HGTV

This outdoor kitchen bar is meant for lounging. With comfortable chairs, a fireplace, a TV and plenty of cooking and entertaining space, invite friends over and enjoy an afternoon or relaxation.

outdoor bar next to a fireplace and couch

5. Rocky Mountain Entertaining | The Spruce

This covered outdoor bar area is beautifully finished with shale stone walls, cedar ceiling and cabinets, and plenty of workspaces. The plush outdoor furniture, large fireplace, and sconces ensure the ability to enjoy the space all year long.

outdoor bar ideas showcased next to a stone fireplace
Via The Spruce

6. Separate Cooking from the Bar | Better Homes & Gardens

When you have a small space, it can help the traffic flow to keep the bar area separate from the cooking area like this example. This particular outdoor bar offers storage and counter workspace apart from the heavily trafficked cooking area.

island used to separate the outdoor bar from the cooking area
Via Better Homes & Gardens

There you go! Fifteen different styles and outdoor bar ideas to give you an idea of what you can do with your own backyard space as you create the outdoor living space of your dreams. Now all you need is the perfect signature cocktail and you’re set! 🙂

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