Sharing a collection of Charcuterie board essential items including cheese knives, wooden boards, serving bowls, and dipping sticks as well as what should be on a charcuterie board platter, how you style meat on a charcuterie board, and how far in advance you can make one.

When you entertain and have people over, one of the most popular and trendy things you could make right now is a charcuterie board. They are so fun to put together and the possibilities are endless! You can customize these charcuterie boards based on your favorite foods to put together a theme based on your event. With that comes the essentials for putting together a beautiful board that everyone will love and be talking about!

Charcuterie Board Esssential Items:

I’ve been on the hunt for all of the must-have charcuterie items and found a ton of really great things. From wooden boards of all sorts and shapes (and price points) to decorative cheese knives, bowls to add to your charcuterie board, and more – you will love these finds! Just scroll down for lots of charcuterie essential items for your next party!

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What should be on a charcuterie platter?

There are so many options to add to a charcuterie platter. I love that you can truly customize a different board each time. But my main go-to items include the following:

  • Assortment of cheeses
  • Cured meats
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Assortment of crackers
  • Baguette bread
  • Honey
  • Jellie or Jams
  • Olives

How to style meat on a charcuterie board.

This could be a post all on its own but styling meat on a charcuterie platter is fun and easy. You can get really creative and create flowers and other abstract pieces but the easiest way is to roll them and place clustered together or fan them out so they are easy to grab.

How far in advance can you make a charcuterie platter?

If you are crunched for time and preparing for a large party, then prepare your charcuterie platter up to 24 hours in advance. Arrange all the items on your board and place cellophane over the top before placing it in the refrigerator.

Okay so are you ready to stock your kitchen with all the items you need to be able to make a gorgeous charcuterie board whenever you want??!

Build the ultimate charcuterie board with all these essential items to have on hand in your pantry. #ABlissfulNest #charcuterie #entertainingideas

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Everything you need to display your Charcuterie Board items:

These reclaimed wood charcuterie boards look beautiful in your kitchen when they're not in use, too! #ABlissfulNest

1. Reclaimed Wood Charcuterie Boards: these are some of my personal favorites – I LOVE the reclaimed wood look and all of the sizes this board comes in! It looks really pretty displayed in your kitchen when it’s not in use too.

These rattan and gold cheese knives are perfect for serving your next charcuterie board! #ABlissfulNest

2. Rattan Cheese Knives: how fun are these cheese knives?! I love the rattan and gold mix, they’re SO pretty! These are perfect for serving and they’d also make a really great gift idea too.

This reclaimed oak cheese board is perfect to make your next charcuterie! #ABlissfulNest

3. Handmade Reclaimed Oak Cheese Board: how pretty is this reclaimed oak board?! It’s a perfect size to make a large charcuterie too!

These chalkboard cheese markers are perfect for your next charcuterie board! #ABlissfulNest

4. Chalkboard Cheese Markers: if your charcuterie board has a bunch of types of cheese in it, these chalkboard markers are a must-have! They add a lot of character to your board and also help your guests to know what’s what. These come in a set of 6 and they are so affordable – you can use them over and over as well!

This navy reclaimed wood cheese board is something so different and pretty for your next charcuterie board! #ABlissfulNest

5. Navy Reclaimed Wood Cheese Board: this beautiful, modern cheese board is SO pretty! It also comes in a sage green color and it’s something different than your typical wooden board. I love the size and the idea of gifting this too!

These olive trays are a must have addition to your charcuterie boards! #ABlissfulNest

6. Curved Olive Tray: these curved tray comes in three sizes and it’s perfect for olives! They add a different shape and look to your charcuterie board too.

These white toothpick flags are perfect for marking foods in your next charcuterie board! #ABlissfulNest

7. Toothpick Flag Cheese Markers: you can use these for a variety of cheeses, meats, etc on your charcuterie board! They’re simplistic and will match any style of board you put together.

This round wooden cheese board is perfect for your next charcuterie board! #ABlissfulNest

8. Mango Wood Serving Board: I love the idea of a round charcuterie board and if you do too, this $20 wooden board is the perfect one to use! It’s a great size, a really pretty wood and is perfect for the next charcuterie board that you make.

These copper cheese knives are SO pretty and perfect to serve with your next charcuterie board! #ABlissfulNest

9. Copper Cheese Knives: these are another really pretty set of cheese knives to go with your next charcuterie board! They’re useful and have a gorgeous look to them too.

These honey dipper sticks are a must have for your next charcuterie board and are under $10! #ABlissfulNest

10. Honey Dipper Sticks: these are SO different and fun!! They’re meant for dipping honey, but you can use them for a variety of dipping sauces for your charcuterie boards. They come in a pack of 20 for under $10!

This marble and wood cheese board is SO pretty and under $30! #ABlissfulNest

11. Marble and Wood Cheese Board: this cheese board is so pretty and it’s yet another one that’ll look so pretty displayed in your kitchen when you’re not using it! You can use it for a variety of things and it makes for a really pretty but simple charcuterie board.

These souffle dish ramekins are perfect to place on your next charcuterie board! #ABlissfulNest

12. Porcelain Souffle Dish Ramekins: these are a super classic styled ramekin and are a great size to place on your charcuterie boards of all sizes!

These gold pearl bamboo cocktail sticks are a perfect addition to your next charcuterie setup! #ABlissfulNest

13. Gold Pearl Bamboo Cocktail Picks: these might just be the most beautiful cocktail picks I have ever seen! The gold pearl embellishment is SO pretty. They’ll look beautiful served with your next charcuterie board!

These cheese knives will look so elegant paired with your next charcuterie board! #ABlissfulNest

14. Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set: this set is just so different and will look really nice displayed next to your charcuterie board. I love that they are stainless and the look of the wooden block they sit on is so classic!

These matte gold cheese knives are under $20 and perfect to serve with your next charcuterie board! #ABlissfulNest

15. Gold Cheese Knives: you won’t believe it, but this set of three gold cheese knives is UNDER $20! They are perfect to serve a charcuterie board with. I just love the matte gold finish!

This acacia wood board is a must for the next time you make a charcuterie board! #ABlissfulNest

16. Acacia Wood Cutting Board: this board doubles as a serving and cutting board, and will also look really pretty displayed in your kitchen when it’s not in use as well! It’s a really beautiful, natural looking wood board and it’s great for serving your favorite meats and cheeses on for your guests.

These floral shaped porcelain ramekins are a perfect addition to your charcuterie boards! #ABlissfulNest

17. Flower Shaped Ramekins: if you have any sort of sauces, jams, olives, etc. on your charcuterie board, these beautiful ramekins are perfect to use on your board! They’re the prettiest floral shape and a good size to fit on any sized wooden board.

We hope these charcuterie essentials help you to put together your next board to entertain with!

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