It starts to feel like Christmas when the stockings are finally “hung by the chimney with care.”

These festive, simple DIY Christmas stockings are a great beginner’s sewing project. You will feel like you’ve accomplished a big Christmas decorating project right away! Afterall, holiday stockings are the perfect touch to complete a holiday mantel.

This year, I wanted to change things up a bit with our stockings. Instead of the traditional red or white stockings I shopped all over, looking for polka dot and striped Christmas stockings. To my surprise, I couldn’t find them anywhere. Since I was unable to find exactly what I was looking for, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do my own stocking sewing project!  Never making more than a pillowcase or simple cloth napkins, I’ll admit I am quite a sewing novice. I wasn’t sure where to start. I called my mom {who is an expert in sewing} I looked at several patterns, but I didn’t like any of the styles.

Back to the drawing board, I realized I have a few white fur stockings that I love the look of. So, I decided to use one of those for my template! Bingo! It worked great, and with some simple sewing I was able to make some adorable stockings I felt really proud of!

You could make these stockings out of any fabric or material–felt, burlap or cotton. I’d love to try making these out of Christmas sweaters (but that could get complicated). These stockings are an easy sewing project, even for beginners and they’re the perfect touch for Christmas decorating.


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Simple & detailed DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial.
 Here is what you will need to make 4 stockings:

Materials Needed:

  • 2 yards fabric {I used 1 yard per design}for the stocking
  • 1 yard fabric for the cuff {I used cream colored linen}
  • 2 yards fabric for lining {I used an old twin sheet I had on hand}
  • 8 yards decorative trim for the cuff {**Optional}
  • Thread to match fabric and cuff
  • Sewing machine
  • Pattern or template

I have to tell you, I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. Then I made one and it was so EASY! Yes, easy! I knew then I had the confidence to go forward to make 3 more. They turned out really great and they are exactly what I wanted–red and white polka dots and stripes! The perfect addition to my Christmas decorating.

Let me show you how:
Simple & detailed DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial.


Step 1: Trace Your Pattern
If you aren’t using a pattern, cut out a template. I used my pretty white fur stockings from last year. I simply traced around it onto some pattern paper and cut it out. You could even use tissue paper or wrapping paper (if you don’t have pattern material.

Simple & detailed DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial.

Step 2: Pin Your Pattern to Fabric
Now I was ready to cut my fabric. I placed the Christmas stocking template/pattern on my fabric {if you have printed fabric make sure you fold over the fabric so it is facing right side in}. Pin the template/pattern in place and allow a seam allowance of at least 1/4″.

DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial created by BellaGrey Designs

Step 3: Cut Out Your Stocking with Seam Allowance
Here is my stocking cut with a seam allowance. Notice it’s a little “fatter” than I want my final Christmas stocking to be when it’s sewn. That’s because of the extra ¼ inch I left all the way around.

Simple & detailed DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial.

Step 4: Cut Out Lining
Once the stocking is cut out, I decided to line mine using an old white twin sheet I had on hand. So, placing the cut fabric stocking on top of the sheet, I cut it out. This time I didn’t need to cut extra seam allowance since I had already allowed for that for my fabric stocking.

Simple & detailed DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial.

Step 5: Sew Stocking Around Edges
I sewed around the stocking edges (with the liner) and turned the stocking right side out to make sure it had the shape I wanted. I was so excited, it looked perfect!!! {insert happy dance}
Simple & detailed DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial.
Step 6: Adding the Cuff
Now comes the cuff! This step intimidated me more than the Christmas stocking sewing did, however I was determined to do it! A cuff with at least 3 rows of pleats is what I wanted. I first had to figure out how big I wanted the cuff. 4″ is what I decided was a good width. And the circumference of my stocking was 17″ with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
Simple & detailed DIY stocking tutorial.

Step 7: Place the Pleated Trim
After cutting the linen to 4″ wide by 17″ long, I was ready to start placing my pleated trim.

Simple & detailed DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial.

 If using trim, it is really easy to place straight. After sewing the first row on, I had a guide to help with the others. I simply aligned the trim edges together and continued sewing all three rows.

Simple & detailed DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial.

Step 8: Cuff to the Christmas Stocking

After the trim was completely sewn on my cuff, it was time to attach the cuff to my stocking ~ now I’m getting really excited because I couldn’t wait to see the finished project! I was in love with how the cuff turned out!

Simple & detailed DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial.
Step 9: Place and Pin the Cuff
I attached the cuff by turning the stocking right side out and placing the cuff where I wanted it, taking great care to make sure it was straight and lined up with the back stocking seam. I pinned it in place to complete my sewing.
Simple & detailed DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial.
Step 10: Finish Pinning the Cuff and Sew

Turning the stocking inside out again, I finished pinning the cuff and made sure it was a perfect fit and wasn’t bunching up anywhere. I placed the stocking on the arm of my machine and turned as I sewed.

DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial created by BellaGrey Designs
Step 11: Turn the Stocking Right-Side Out
It’s Done!!! I’m so thrilled how they all turned out!!
Create your own DIY Christmas Stockings with this tutorial!

Step 12: Add a Hanger to Your Stocking
Don’t forget to add your hanger. I had some pretty red grosgrain ribbon on hand, but if you use grosgrain it does like to fray. You can either use a fray stopping product like Fray Check or a long lighter like the one I used to fuse the ends of the ribbon. Simply run the ribbon edges through the flame quickly a few times.

DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial created by BellaGrey Designs
DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial created by BellaGrey Designs
Step 13: Sew the Hanger
Fold the ribbon in half and secure it with a few stitches. Then place the loop where you want it to be – I wanted mine in the corner instead of on the side. I stitched it to the inside seam and hung it on my mantel with my other Christmas decorations!
Create your own DIY Christmas Stockings with this tutorial!
DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial created by BellaGrey Designs

With a few of the leftover fabric scraps, I made matching mini tree skirts for the white mantel trees we placed above the fireplace. I hung up some cute glitter snowflake garland across the top of the mantel and added some candlesticks to complete the holiday fireplace display.  I love the look of polka dot and stripes together, don’t you? Here are 20 amazing Christmas mantels you can add your brand new DIY Christmas stockings to!

Create your own DIY Christmas Stockings with this step by step tutorial.

Super easy DIY Christmas stockings you made are so much better than store bought! Sewing Christmas stockings is way easier than you might think. You can make them in any fabric or pattern to match your decor. Check out flannel, fleece, felt and burlap to start.

This is a great beginning sewing project. Let me know if you decide to make your own and need any additional help or pointers. I’m sure you can sew some DIY Christmas stockings you’ll be proud of!


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