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20 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas can be found all over the place online! I thought I would come up with about 20 of my favorites and share them with my readers! I think a little bit of homemade goes a long way, even if you’re doing semi-homemade. It just adds that special touch because every single Valentine card is made with love. It is a great way to spend time with the kids and knock out several cards together, especially if they’re for classroom Valentines. I hope you love all these DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas as much as I do!

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

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20 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas:

What’s better than a balloon? Heart shaped ones!Valentine's Day Card Ideas{ You Fill me Up With Love }

Let’s be band besties forever, ok?
Valentine's Day Card IdeasLoom Band Besties }

This would even work with powdered sugar donuts if you want to go semi-homemade!Valentine's Day Card Ideas{ I Donut Know What I’d Do Without You }

It’s cool to be Nerds as long as we’re together!Valentine's Day Card Ideas{ We Might as well be NERDS Together }

Kids can always use more pencils at school, especially these personalized ones!Valentine's Day Card Ideas{ You are just write }

Little maze games are neat- You could tape a package of candy to it too!Valentine's Day Card Ideas{ A-MAZE-ING }

Loving all the colorful hearts! Add bubblegum or popcorn to go along with the ‘Popping!’Valentine's Day Card Ideas { Just POPPING through }

Fun SUPER gum wraps!Valentine's Day Card Ideas { Superhero Gum Pack Wrap }

How creative is this- with cute wrappers on the mini chocolates!Valentine's Day Card Ideas { S’more Love for You }

Attach this printable tag to some Pop Rocks for a rocking Valentine’s Day!Valentine's Day Card Ideas{ Have a ROCKIN’ Valentine’s Day }

Pass out adorable Fortune Cookies!Valentine's Day Card Ideas { Paper Fortune Cookies }

How cute are these Panda Bubble Valentine’s?
Valentine's Day Card Ideas{ Panda Bubble Valentine’s }

Everyone knows and loves Emojis!Valentine's Day Card Ideas { Emoji Valentine’s Cards }

Such sweetness here, heart confetti filled balloons!
Valentine's Day Card Ideas { Filled With LOVE }

Decorate the hearts with homemade candy buttons!Valentine's Day Card Ideas{ Homemade Candy Buttons- Stuck on You }

The EASIEST gumball machines ever!Valentine's Day Card Ideas{ I Chews You Gumball Dispenser }

I never thought about making Legos with Jolly Ranchers!Valentine's Day Card Ideas { Jolly Rancher Legos Valentines }

Making shaped crayons and adding them to a coloring card is a great idea for little ones!Valentine's Day Card Ideas { Color Your Heart Out }

Give a hug with these sweet animal candy huggers.Valentine's Day Card Ideas { Animal Candy Huggers }

Almost everyone loves dinosaurs, especially the boys!
Valentine's Day Ideas { Dino-Mite Valentine’s Day }

Hopefully you found a few ideas that you could use for your Valentine’s Day cards!

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    1. Decorate the hearts with homemade candy buttons is the easiest to make. But I like these sweet animal candy huggers that is hard for me. Any easy idea Rebekha ?

      1. What about just using a printable for a animal and using a heart candy as the animal heart and say “I am wild about you!”. Then you are not cutting and folding.

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