Sunburst Mirror Tutorial

Yesterday I debuted our newly redesigned entryway which included our DIY paint stick sunburst mirror. This has been one of my favorite tutorials I have done and wanted to update it with a twist.

DIY Paint Dipped Sunburst Mirror Tutorial

The paint dipped look has been very popular in furniture lately and I thought it would be really different to do it to this mirror I had made last year.

Materials Needed:

– Follow material list for DIY Sunburst Mirror

– Paint you want for the tips of your mirror

– Blue Tape

– Paint Brush


– Make sunburst mirror according to our tutorial

– Tape off where you would like the paint to end on the tips.

– Paint tips up to blue tape

– Peel blue tape away and touch up any areas needed once tape is removed.

DIY Paint Dipped Sunburst Mirror

I honestly think this tiny update took me less than an hour and now I feel like I have a whole new mirror. It sure is the little things that can make a big impact.

Entryway Ideas by A Blissful Nest

Entryway Ideas by A Blissful Nest

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