It’s that time again when Pantone announces their Pantone color of the year. I always look forward to this! Why you ask? Well, I like to know what will be the hot trend in interiors and see if I am ahead of the game and already have it in my home. Last year the color they selected was less than favorably received and I made a attempt at designing a room around it. Though y’all loved the room I designed many still could not wrap their heads around the color and welcome it into their own home.

We are dissecting the Pantone Color OF The Year and showing you how to use it in your home.

Well you are never going to believe this but for the first time ever they have selected 2 colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity. They are soft and beautiful and feel a bit like a boy vs girl color combo when paired together in my opinion. BUT when used right they can really compliment each other beautifully. Take a look and here are some design tips on how to use them.

Pantone color of the year design tips:

Use as a wall color

Because these are such soft tones, they are used beautifully as a wall color especially like this below on a gallery wall.


We show you how to use Pantone Color of The Year 2016 Rose Quartz and Serenity in your home with tips and shopping resources.

{ via Style Caster }

Use as a accent

Aren’t these drapes just gorgeous?!! I love how soft and feminine it makes this otherwise tone on tone room look.

We show you how to use Pantone Color of The Year 2016 Rose Quartz and Serenity in your home with tips and shopping resources.

{ via Virginia Macdonald }

Another great accent use is to use it in a furniture piece. This creates a great focal point for the room if used with neutrals.

A gorgeous interior with Pantone color of the year rose quartz. Lots of examples of how to incorporate this years color of the year!

{ via French by Design Blog }

A gorgeous example of using Pantone color of the year serenity in these beautiful barstools.

{ via Lydia Marks & Lisa Frantz }

Pop it in appliances

This is a more retro look to go in but so pretty in this farmhouse kitchen. I love that the bowls and cups to the left pick up the same color and make it feel seamless.

A beautiful pop of Pantone color of the year serenity in this refrigerator. How unique!!

 {via Mias Interior }

Use them together

This can be easier said than done but look how beautiful this floral arrangement in rose quartz looks off of the door in the serenity shade. Soft and subtle with hints of chippy equal a perfect combination!

 Just love the combination of this years Pantone color of the year - serenity and rose quartz

{ via Johanna Vintage }

Use in entertaining

Not ready to take the plunge to use them in your home? How about in your next dinner party? I love this gorgeous table top decor using both of Pantone color of the year colors. It is rich and serene looking. I could just see this for a wedding too!

The Pantone color of the year is so pretty even used for entertaining! Serenity and rose quartz are gorgeous together!

{ via Brabbu }

So now that you have seen examples of some of my favorite ways to use these colors, here are some of my favorite accessories for you and your home to shop to add a little rose quartz and serenity into your life!

Tips and hints on using Pantone Color Of The Year by A Blissful Nest. Great accessories and furniture pieces to seemlessly work in Pantone's picks for colors this year into your own home.

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      1. I’m lusting after the wall color gracing the room with those fabulous drapes…and wondering if it could work in my 100+ year old home …

    1. They are very nursery like colors, but I do like them used as accent colors separately. Those pink curtains are really pretty!

    2. Wow, interesting selections they made this year once again! I love that room with the rose colored drapes – how serene!

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