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I WROTE A BOOK! Even as I type these words it seems like a dream! One of my biggest goals in life was to write a design book and it has finally come to fruition. OMGEEEE!!!

As a little girl, being a designer is all I ever wanted to do. I would obsess over reinventing my bedroom over and over again on a budget- dictated to me by my parents who could not understand why in the world I was redoing my bedroom once again so here is $50 to do it. LOL! 

Fast forward to being graduated from college and working at a high-end residential design firm in Los Angeles and designing spaces that had enormous budgets in some of the most gorgeous historic homes. I count my background a blessing and with so many lessons learned. Mistakes made that cost a lot of money and years of training my eye with patterns, colors, and furniture styles. What I loved is that we did not design in the same style every time. One house would be a french look while the next would be a craftsman. 

Then once we had Lauren, I took a step back from design clients (with a few here and there over the last couple of years) and focused more on sharing, teaching, and inspiring the A Blissful Nest audience to navigate through your own design journeys.

This has brought me so much fulfillment creatively and has still given me the chance to be present in my little girl’s everyday life. But as much as I have tried to cover “all the bases” with design on this blog, there is SO MUCH more to share and details to dive into to help you truly create a cohesive beautiful space that is functional and purposeful for your family.  

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The process of writing a book is like no other. You have to dig deep down inside and really be intentional about everything that goes down on paper. Many days I would lock myself in the office and told Bryan to not even ask me if I wanted water. But to just leave me so I could write. I wanted so badly to not miss one thing that I have learned over the last 20 years so that I could share it with you. It was so important to me to know I was writing something that you could use over and over again as you tackle different rooms in your house or even if you were renting or buying a new house. 

The book is called A Blissful Nest: Designing a Stylish and Well-Loved Home. It is filled with 100’s of tips to help you decorate your home with your own special touches as well as my tried and true design secrets, and useful checklists for every room of your home. 

I know you will love this book and it will be your go-to guide for your home decor. 

This book would also make such a great gift for the holiday season for your friends and anyone you know that has a love for decor. You can check out all the details and how to order the book HERE! I can’t wait for you to get your copy!! Thank you for being the most amazing community and supporting me over all these years.



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