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Valentines Day Floral Arrangement Tutorial

With February right around the corner we are dreaming of gorgeous a Valentines Day floral arrangement and lots of pink and red!

simple Valentines Day Floral Arrangement

I packed away the Christmas decor last week and am already thinking about Valentine’s Day. Seems so far away, but stores like Hobby Lobby had the Valentine’s decor out before Christmas! I wasn’t ready to retire my furry ruby red table runner, so I’m keeping it out for a little bit longer, at least through the winter months. The rich jewel tone is just what I’m needing to brighten up the space! I thought I’d start playing around with some Valentine’s tablescape ideas and was inspired by these little red crystal dishes I had on hand from Christmas. I came up with this super easy and simple Valentines Day floral arrangement to add to my place settings.

Simple Valentines Day Floral Arrangement

Valentines Day Floral Arrangement:

Step 1:

I picked up a bushel of roses that were from my local grocer to make my floral arrangement. Normally, I like to get my flowers from Costco since they are so inexpensive, but King Soopers happened to have these for a great price the day I was in there.

Step 2:

Think outside the box of what you can use for floral arrangements or centerpieces. Little, petite dishes such as my red compote dish or even a small votive candle holder. The idea is not to overwhelm the place setting.

Simple Valentines Day Floral Arrangement

Simple Valentines Day Floral Arrangement

Step 3:

I cut the stems off to the depth of my dish and just started adding each stem to make the arrangement as full as I wanted. Don’t forget to add water to enjoy your roses for days!

simple Valentines Day Floral Arrangement

simple Valentines Day Floral Arrangement

simple Valentines Day Floral Arrangement

Nothing speaks romance more than roses…or maybe diamonds. A girl can dream, right? Hope you loved my simple Valentines Day floral arrangement!

You can see more of my designs at The House of Silver Lining.




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