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25 Kitchen Organization Ideas + Hacks

Usually the kitchen is the heart of the home- it is where we gather to feed hungry stomachs, discuss how the day is going, and just hang out. Whether or not you have a kitchen that is open to the rest of your house, you still want it to look nice and not so cluttered. Let more creativity flow as you get more organized in life. I hope you find that some of these kitchen organization ideas might be something you can implement in  your home!

25 Kitchen Organization Ideas + Hacks you didn't know you needed. Get these tips to have the most function and organized kitchen. Such great kitchen ideas! ablissfulnest.com

25 Kitchen Organization Ideas:

A lot of cabinets have empty space above them- add a shelf if you have lots of display items that will fit.Additional Shelving Above the Cabinets, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Add Additional Shelving Above the Cabinets }

Save counter space by storing those cutting boards and baking racks in a cute basket.
Baking Sheet and Cutting Board Baskets, 25 Kitchen Organization IdeasSheet Pan and Cutting Board Baskets }

If you’re lucky enough to have a broom closet, this one is great!
Broom Closet Organization, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Organized Broom Closet }

I love the idea of chalkboard paint inside the cabinet door with these measurement equivalents.Chalkboard Cabinet Measuring Cup Storage, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Chalkboard Cabinet for Measuring Cup Storage }

Use tension rods to vertically place your baking sheets and cupcake pans.Controlling Cookie Sheets, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Controlling Cookie Sheets and Cupcake Pans }

Diagonal drawer inserts are a great way to place those long spoons and spatulas in a drawer.Diagonal Drawer Storage, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Diagonal Drawer Storage }

Build a spice rack like this to put inside your pantry door.DIY Door Spice Rack, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas DIY Door Spice Rack }

Place snacks and meals in baskets to make it look cleaner and easier to just grab.Grab and Go Snack Station, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Grab and Go Snack Station }

Make your own K Cup storage! I love the vintage look of this one!K Cup Storage Stand, 25 Kitchen Organization IdeasK Cup Storage Stand }

Get your family organized with a command center. It’s a great place for mail, notes, and all sorts of things.Kitchen Command Center, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Kitchen Command Center }

Baby food jars are the perfect size for spices! Add a magnet to the lids so you can place them on the fridge or magnetic board.
Magnetic Spice Jars, 25 Kitchen Organization IdeasMagnetic Spice Jars }

You can build your own magnetic board like this one for your spice jars.Magnetic Spice Rack, 25 Kitchen Organization IdeasMagnetic Spice Rack }

While the organization looks nice inside the pantry, it’s the chalkboards that are great for menus and grocery lists.Pantry Organization, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Pantry Organization }

Add a splash of color by painting a pegboard and hanging pots, colanders, lids, and utensils on it.
Pegboard Wall Organizer, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Pegboard Wall Organizer }

Some of us have a tiny bit of space between a wall and the fridge. It’s a great place to add a rolling cabinet for canned goods.Roll Out Canned Food Slide Storage, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Roll Out Canned Food Storage }

Instead of a false drawer front where the sink is, turn it into a tip out shelf for scrubs.Sink Front Tip Out Tray, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Sink Front Tip Out Shelf }

A cake plate is a wonderful way to give more space on the counter top. Plus it looks darling!Soap Dish Cake Stand, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas via A Blissful NestSoap Dish Cake Stand }

I love the cohesive look of glass jars for the spices. Print out matching labels to complete it. A riser shelf is great to see what you have behind each jar.Spice Cupboard with Labels and Riser, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Spice Labels and Riser Stand }

You can find lots of storage containers at the stores, but for all those cans, build some organizers for them.Stackable Canned Food Organizers, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Stackable Canned Food Organizers }

Short on display space? Build shelving around a door frame to show off special kitchen pieces.Storage around Door Frame, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Storage Compartments Around Door Frames }

Plastic and glass jars look so much better than stuff in boxes. Print out some labels to help organize items like these.Storage for the Pantry with FREE Printable Labels, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Pantry Organization with Free Printable Labels }

Most of us throw our mail in a pile on the table or counter.. this organizer can free up lots of space!
Wall Mounted Mail Organizer, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Mail Organizer }

If you don’t have space for the trash can to be under the counter top, a trash cabinet is a great solution to ‘hiding’ it.Wood Tilt Trash Can Cabinet, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Wood Tilt Out Trash Cabinet }

Lazy Susans can hold a lot of things and work really well in corners of pantries.Lazy Susan in the Corner of Pantry, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Lazy Susan in the Corner of Pantry }

These glass jars look like the labels already came on them. That is how nice it looks- hence the name, ‘magic decal labels.’ Learn how to do them for your own glass jars for a modern look!Magic Decal Tutorial for Jar Labels, 25 Kitchen Organization Ideas Magic Decal Label Tutorial for Glass Jars }

If you are in need of more organizing ideas, especially for the bathroom- check out our 20 Bathroom Organization Ideas post.

Organization doesn’t have to be hard-  just take your time and think about what you can do to help make life easier.


  1. Love the idea for chalkboard paint inside the cabinet!! I’m totally going to do that!

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